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Yes loans are awful, I rec'd a call as had been shopping around looking for a loan and they GUARUNTEED me one I was assured that all I had to do was pay a processing fee of 69.50 and the money would be deposited into my bank account within 5 days, when the money didn't arrive I tried to call them first time I got through i was advised that they were a broker not a loan company which is what I was told by them origianlly and they couldn't actually process a loan at all, it has been over 5 months and I still do not have my money back I have been calling and calling but always end up in a hold queue for over 45min and have to give up because calling them cost a fortune!!!

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I had the exact same problem.

I was promised a loan. I did a phone application with them, i was told i was successful. After going through the phone process
i was then passed through multiple companys one after the other.. insurance, ppi etc etc.

I never did get a loan, and i had the same problem as above. The application line theres an answer straight away, but the customer service department is un-contactable, i wrote letters too. And never got my fee back or any reply..

People who would go to yes probably have credit issues, i did at the time, and the whole process scarred my credit further.
How a company can call itself a broker of any kind, take money from you, not deliver the product it claims it gives you and then never respond to your complaints is beyond me. It makes me sick and i dont understand how it can be legal!

Say NO to Yes loans. They are as good as a criminal organisation. . .

Yes loans - Avoid at all cost, I made the same mistake as the previous posts, please don't make the same mistake, there is no loan it's just a con to get the admin fee out if you

Got a cheque for £69.50 but cannot bank it.This should have been re credited to my card.Total con artists

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