www.shoeukbuy.co.uk is a not to be trusted - wrong shoes sent and there fake!

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On 6th August 2014 I bought a pair of black and white Adidas Forum Mid trainers boots from www.shoeukbuy.co.uk   I had been looking for these trainers for some time when I found the website. It was my birthday coming up so I thought I would treat myself.

It took 2 weeks for the shoes to arrive after emailing some Lady called Lilly (who typed in broken English)several times  and when they did arrive the postage note said they had came from China. This made alarm bells ring in my mind straight away.  The website looked totally legitimate when I made the payment and was a .co.uk site so I was a bit confused to start with.

When I opened the box the trainers inside were actually suede material and a skateboard trainer called Cumpus Hi. These were totally the wrong shoes so I didn’t even try them on. I emailed the the company straight away explaining the shoes were wrong and the reply I got was:-

Dear friend.

Sorry for the trouble that we have made for you.

And we hope you can keep it since the express fee is a little high and the return process is complex.

Sorry again.

Good days


I emailed straight back and said that this was not acceptable and that I wanted the trainers I actually ordered.  I was then ask to take a 10% refund and keep the trainers. I said no again and then they asked for a photo of the trainers which I sent. It was at this point that I really looked at the trainers and realized that they were in fact total fake. Bad stitching, name out of line on the side, Adidas logo wonky on the back.

After confronting them with this and threatening to report them if I did not get a refund, I have since not heard back from anyone.

I am very frustrated and annoyed and would appreciate any help getting this website shut down so others do not have the same experience as I have had. I'm 38 years old and stuck with a pair of teenagers skater boots for my birthday - there fake to make it worse!


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