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I have all the correspondence, and am happy for anyone to request a viewing of it to corroborate these statements:

On 29 November 2011, I made contact with Chris M, Project Manager, The Web Design Office, Digital World Centre, Salford, M50 3UB, and requested information about his web design practice.

After agreeing on what we required, I sent him a wire frame of my requirements. He said he would begin as soon as he had received a deposit of £275.00 which was made directly into his bank account.

His contract promised a bespoke website. It also promises finalisation of same website 1 - 2 weeks from date of order. His contract also promises a second draft if the first is not suitable. 

Deposit was made: 1/12/2011

7/12/2011 I received an email stating he had not received feedback for the draft sent during the week, when in fact, no draft had been sent.

8/12/2011 Draft was received, but nothing like the wire frame or specifications agreed to.

9/12/2011 Received email saying - second draft is underway.

14/12/2011 I sent email requesting the second draft, and offered to send drawings of my own for the first page.

20/12/2011 I again sent email asking about news or progress.

At this stage my husband, who had also made many (inanswered) phone calls to the 24hr line we had been provided with, sent email saying he was thinking of reporting them to a Consumer Complaints Group.

Someone called Daniel Bell emailed him to say: He had instructed Chirs to stop working on the site.  We were to destroy any material we had received from them. He would return our deposit on 5 January 2012 which is when his financial staff would return to work after the Christmas break.

I have sent a recorded, signed for receipt letter to the company requesting our deposit be returned to us but have been ignored.

I feel that promises made by a company should be honoured, especially after financial transactions made in good faith.

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