RUDE RUDE RUDE -avoid this company like the plague

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This is a simply terrible set up, trading behind unexpected unreasonable term and conditions-  eg
No Refund
No Returns
Delivery will take up to 30 days

Do not try to phone - it is never answered and costs 10p per minute!
When you email you get VERY rude responses.
for example

and another reply
"Do you not see the (express next day service only) part? I have highlighted this for you below.
All std uk delivery is upto 30 working days, if you read the terms below what you quoted me you will SEE THIS".

My order for an electronic item arrived very badly package in a plastic sack with no additional protection other than the manufacturers box. This is inadequate for a courier delivery.

Oh and the positive reviews you read are almost certainly posted by the trader as I recognise the tone of his writing.  There is NOTHING positive to say about this trader.
He is a SHARK - avoid this company like the plague

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