DJ2GO Ltd - 34 Days since payment and still no goods.

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I have rang and emailed numerous times with no reply or success.

Today I sent this email -


We have not received this order.

If I dont hear from you within 24 hours then I will contact my bank to cancel the payment.


this would lead to further charges, I Suggest you refer to the T&C's


If I do not hear any news of my order then I will be ringing the bank tomorrow and I will see you in court.


Ok mr DICK

I will not be contacting them again and I will be reversing my payment tomorrow.

This company is operating against so many UK Trading Laws with their unresonable T&C's. I will be reporting them to Trading Standards and leaving them negative reviews in every possible place.

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I have had the same problem no goods and rude emails. I have contacted trading standards. As many people as possible need to contact C.A.B about this company and trading standards will act.

I feel for all of you this has just happened to me this week with a 200 quid loss
Being doing some homework on these muppets & it turns out to be a young couple bragging about how to become rich on fb etc ! Dj2go limited is under the name of a Kelly Watkins & her partner dale tucker (Kelly tucker Watkins) with their store on show in Doncaster at cussins house
Not a food idea to go messaging them direct but to make you all aware who have been Robbing people left right & center !!
I've got trading standards straight onto these also ! All come fwd and let's get these criminals sorted once & for all

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