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They have been managing our estate for 3 years. We are an apartment block of 12 flats on a new build estate and we are paying over £100 a month for a very poor service. I have gone through the budget breakdown with a fine tooth comb and we are paying about £300 a year too much for our service charge and after the joke of a service we received last year, some residents are seeking legal advice and are now withholding payment.

Trinity have set up a residents management company on the estates behalf (they are charging us d&o liability insurance for this so we can sue ourselves!) and we have yet to receive a date for our first meeting. As mentioned previously, you need to get 51% of residents to agree to sack Trinity. Would this have to be 51% of the whole estate or could we just do this with our block? I'm not sure if the freeholders are having the same issues (the 50 houses on our estate only pay 30% of the entire management charge and the 12 flats in the block pay the remaining 70% which is not fair).

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I feel for you. You need to do as we did in Manchester and remove them asap. Our service charge was £125 per month. We now pay 96 per month. A much better service with our new agents plus we now actually employ a caretaker who does most of the small repairs, light changes, car park tidying etc. as part of his duties. He spots things without residents having to contact our new agents and if a light is not working when you go to work in the morning your can guarantee it is working when you get home. Get rid of Trinity - Do you know about their insurance scams over the past years. We paid £56000 and now we pay £13000 !! Check everything especially their use of subsidiary companies PKN Ltd (although I think they not longer exist) and Otimo. All the same directors.

Please please please please... I beg you.. Share with us what it takes to get rid of trinity estate property management...

This is a terrible company. They provide low value for money, and make random requests for money without offering an explanation. I have made constant requests to them to explain their demands for money but they just ignore them. They are arrogant and do not understand the term customer service. DO NOT PURCHASE A PROPERTY MANAGED BY THIS COMPANY. THEY JUST KEEP DEMANDING INCREASING AMOUNTS OF MONEY.

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