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I used TradeTek as i had a leak under the sink in my kitchen i got quoted many different prices on the phone. within 10 minutes they called me back and offered me a plumber to come for £64 plus VAT i agreed to this within 2 hours the plumber was here but he could not access the main water supply to shut it off, he told me to contact the main water company and he would return to finish the job i had to pay him £81.60 for him being here for 35 minutes yet he did nothing and charged me £4 for sundries yet used nothing.......

I called the water company it turns out my plumber by the name of NATHAN was wrong and he was not looking at the mains they were located outside so i called the company and found that it is very difficult to contact them unless your booking a new job after a lot of calls NATHAN returned and fixed the leak it was coming from my main water tap that shuts the water down.

Half the time he was here he spoke about his family and not getting access to his children which probably cost me £50 or more as he spoke more than he worked i felt scared and intimidated by him when the work was finished 2 hours after he arrived he billed me for £229 plus VAT which i refused to pay as i was given an hourly rate of £64 plus VAT. he tried to say it was now £99 an hour plus VAT i told him they cant change the price i was quoted on. 

When he got off the phone he told me that if i give him £50 in cash he will drop the bill and remove the sundries so now the bill would be £115.20  including vat. i at this point was becoming worried as you could clearly see he was getting angry i over heard him saying on the phone " what am i going to get out of this "  so i agreed to pay the £115.20 on the new written receipt and the £50 in cash so all together it cost £246.80 for 2 hours of work.

Then the real problems came within 3 weeks the leak is leaking again i called them and as before its very difficult to get them as they have around 10 different numbers NATHAN agreed to come out and when he did he gave the reason for the leak saying it was the fittings that needed replaced as the pipe from the ground was an old one he would need to order them he left and never came back i have called the company and they have said its the main pipe from the ground that needs replaced not the fittings if i want NATHAN to come back it will be £99 and hr plus VAT and £50 for materials on many occasions i have asked to speak to head office but a man by the name of TONY SIGH told me he was the highest i could talk to and they trust NATHAN and believe what he says... 

I have spoke to many plumbers and they have inspected his TERRIBLE WORK and everyone of them agree its the fittings not the pipe. NATHAN went ahead with fixing the first leak with fittings he had on the van knowing full well that it would leak as before he even put the new fittings on he wrapped the pipe with plumbers tape. i have now found out that most of TRADE TEKS PLUMBERS have to pay for the material up front not the company so most of the time they are trying to use what they have on the van if they can get away with it. i have asked the company to send out another plumber to inspect his work but they refuse and have told me unless i pay £168 over the phone they wont ever be coming out.

I'm not letting this go so been in touch with many organizations and feel hopeful that ill get my money back and they will have to cover costs for damage I'm told by solicitors so hopefully NATHAN AND TRADETEK WILL LEARN as i will not let this go until they do.

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