The Sheriffs Office are not authorised to collect debts.

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The Sheriffs Office, Airport Way Croydon, the people on the TV, (The Sheriffs Are Coming), are trading ILLEGALLY, the firm is not supported by the courts as consumers are led to believe, they do not hold a current CCL licence, it was withdrawn in 2011, appealed and refused. This firm cannot collect debts, on behalf of the courts.


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Today I have received demand for payment on a claim made against me which was dismissed by the court.

Their letter looks initially to be from a court office but is not stamped and is not on Court notepaper.

I have reported this letter to the police and now received a reference nos from the Action Fraud section. I have been advised to contact 'The Sheriffs Office' direct and report back to the police.

Noticeable defects on their letter are the border lines to the sections and lack of official date stamps.
Also the letter comes franked normally and not via a court office.

I am not due to have received any such letter for any reason.

Beware as it does look convincing

Yes I have just received a letter through my door without knowing of any court date. No stamp or headed letter. Nothing official about it. Really scarey. Also the money they want has doubled from £1,300 to £2,800 in a week.

The Sheriffs Office does not need a Consumer Credit Licence to collect debts. They are a firm of High Court Enforcement Officers (formerly Sheriffs Officers) authorised by the Lord Chancellor. Accordingly, they enforce judgments, orders and awards that are issued by the Courts.

I wish I had see your warning!
I used The Sheriffs office, after seeing impressive footage on TV, to chase after an outstanding loan. (>£4000) for which I had won a writ and a CCJ. They merely paid the debtors’ premises 3 cursory visits and then very abruptly dropped the case. They then vehemently demanding their £90 ‘compliance’ fee with much more energy and persistence than they showed with my debt !!!
My advice, THINK THRICE BEFORE USING THEM. They are toothless!!!
They are not what they seem on TV.

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