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On Sat 6th Feb I had a burst water pipe in my kitchen,but having a contract with scottish gas for central heating, plumbing,and drains services I contacted their customer services to book a call out for the same day.I was told that although a call out would be put through, it could not be guaranteed for the same day, therefore in which case it would be Monday morning.Feeling negative about getting the repair done that day, I contacted React Fast Solutions to enquire if they could provide the service on the same day.I was told they had a plumbing engineer available in my area, and that he would call me prior to his visit.I received a call within 20 minutes saying "this is the plumber and I'll be at your house in 15 minutes", however when he arrived I was really surprised because he was the plumber from Scottish Gas.I invited him into my home to carry out the repair, and I was about to phone React Fast Solutions to cancel their service when their plumbing engineer phoned me. I told him I was about to cancel his call out, and before I could explain the reason he immediatly gave me a tirade of verbal abuse.Screeching at the top of his voice " There is no way your f.....g getting away with this,I have travelled 50 miles half way to your f.....g house for you to tell me your cancelling the job, no way, no f.....g way". I told him I did'nt need to listen to his abuse, and that I was ending the call. However before I did, he shouted " who the f..k do you think you are,you will listen to me". At that point I hung up.I had my phone on the speaker mode, and my husband and the plumber from scottish gas heard every word,both of them had just froze with shock by what they had just heard.

I phoned their head office with complaint and requested the name and I.D. number of their plumber to enable me to put my official complaint in writing. However their written response was that the plumber had categorically denied he carried out any verbal abuse, and hoped that clarified matters.Needless to say I have now written to the Financial Advisory Services Committee with all correspondance enclosed.The name of the plumber is Michael Harrower I.D. number 2670.I am writing this comment to alert others of the non professional manner in which React Fast Solutions handle customer complaints.

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