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Unfortunately I am yet another victim of this disgusting company. They are a company that asks you to sign up for a 4 week free trial in order to gain access to tenders that are sent out from councils across the country. The information they sent was useless and not even in my area. But the worst part is this, of you don’t cancel your 4 week trial with them in this 4 week period, they invoice you for £695.00. I couldn't even find where it says that if you don’t cancel in the allotted time then you will be billed £695.00. It’s only when I looked closely into their terms and conditions that it states this at the very bottom.

They have been chasing this money since July 2010 and the bill has now gone up to £931.00, they threaten you with various letters and use a debt collecting agents called DebtCo to try to get you to pay. I am not going to though because I was never ever emailed to inform me that when my 4 week period ends then I will be billed for this amount. It was never made clear to me when I signed up either. These people are the lowest of the low and are not interested in helping you; they just want your money for nothing. Do not sign up to this website, they will do their best to try and take the money from you. For anyone who still wants information about this company just type in QSL scam and you will find a whole list of websites complaining about this company.

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QSL tenders and snap-edition.co.uk are still up to their old tricks. Gordon Hosie is the md see a photo of him at this link http://www.signlink.co.uk/News.aspx?i=669.

Avoid QSL tenders, snap-edition.co.uk and Gordon Hosie like the plague.

They have done the same to me . I have been speaking to debtco but know nothing about my accoumt.

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