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Richard Street Ltd and The Purvis Group. This is a review of our experience in signing an SBCC Building Contract with Richard Street Ltd., the Main Contractor in charge of our new build project of 6 x flats. Richard Street Ltd., along with it's parent company, The Purvis Group promotes itself as as “one of Fife's largest all-trades Construction Conglomerates” and "a one stop shop for all your construction needs". R.S. Ltd selling point was a verbal guarantee that the £ 40 million Purvis Group would rectify any problems arising from any difficulties with R.S. Ltd..

This guarantee was verified in a personal letter to the group owner, Robert Purvis. R.S. Ltd. set the Contract period at 22 weeks, it eventually ran on to over 58 weeks. They claim the delays were caused by plasterers and painters in our employ. Robert Purvis final attempt at passing the buck was to blame Thomas Mitchell Homes for supplying inferior timber and an inferior timber kit for the project. Donaldson Timber supplied the roof timbers as part of the timber kit, Robert Purvis throws doubt on their reputation as well. This excuse came as no a surprise as T.M. Homes had just been forced into liquidation and are an easy target. Why did Robert Purvis or R.S. Ltd. not make these accusation years earlier when T.M. Homes were viable and could defend themselves? R.S. Ltd. inability to carry out basic management skills meant that Robert Purvis was unaware that T.M. Homes had submitted a report (see attachment) early in the build, it stated that R.S. Ltd. joiners had constructed the timber kit incorrectly and this would result in major problems with the build later on.

The defects reported by T.M. Homes were ignored by R.S. Ltd. management. As usual the reported defects turned out to be correct, adding to and compounding the problems with the build. This attitude by R.S. Ltd. is their normal response to any problems brought to their attention. With regard to the timber kit suppliers, we always found T.M. Homes and Donaldson Timber to be professional, helpful and accurate with anything to do with their timber kit. All problems were reported to R.S. Ltd. well within the Defects Liability Period allowed by the SBCC Building Contract. Alan Wilson (Manager of R.S. Ltd.) wrote a letter (see attachment) stating he wanted to leave the defects until the end of the Contract Defects Liability Period (3rd October 2009) before dealing with them as this would save time by completing everything at once. The defects list has never been rectified and their responsibilities under the Contract have never been honoured. We summarized all points of contention in a 34 page report with attached photographs and extracts from related correspondence. This was sent to Robert Purvis for our meeting with him, Jim Thomson (Construction Division Chief) and Alan Wilson on 19th October 2010. They refused to acknowledge these details and were more interested in an alleged £ 6000 we allegedly owed to them.

It was proved at this meeting that this alleged debt was overwhelmed by their debt for overcharging, double invoicing, refunds for stolen items and the cost of rectifying R.S. Ltd. defects. Robert Purvis later decided to write off the alleged £ 6000 debt. Robert Purvis has threatened legal action and Slander if this information is made public. We have pointed out that all of the comments are verified by both parties correspondence and photographic evidence. R.S. Ltd. engaged a company called GMS Contract Services, believed to be their legal representatives. GMS Contract Services attempted to deny all of our issues with R.S. Ltd.. They dropped the case when they were presented with the facts. Anyone intending to use R.S. Ltd. or The Purvis Group of companies should be very careful in their dealings with them. Pay nothing until the work, guarantees and invoices have been independently and professionally inspected to your satisfaction and be very sceptical of any guarantees or promises offered by R.S. Ltd.. We have independent reports (see attachments) that prove that poor workmanship and lack of management skills by R.S. Ltd. caused the major defects on this project.

The problems were further compounded by their refusal to rectify defects when they occurred. R.S. Ltd. have shown a serious lack of understanding of the building regulations with regard to fire door installation, DPM/damp proofing and drainage. This is surprising as they are members of the NHBC, Construction Line and the Scottish Building Federation. Some Examples: 1.The storm drains are installed approx. 75mm below finished road surface. According to Building Regulations they should be 700mm below the surface. 2.R.S. Ltd. missed out tanking, DPM, extra mesh in the foundations and deeper foundations all of which were included in their original Quote. The promised 5 year guarantee for the attempted repair of the tanking has never materialised. 3.They charged £ 6600 for part of a retaining wall that was already included in their original Quote and are attempting to ignore the evidence. 4.Dormer structures were altered and patched with scraps of wood without permission from T.M. Homes, fascia boards were not fixed properly and allowed water into the stairwell. 5.Faults on 35 x windows, 30 x doors (majority of which were fire doors) all installed out of plumb and square with resultant damage. All caused by poor basic trade skills and lack of supervision by R.S. Ltd. management and nothing to do with plasterers, painters or T.M. Homes. 6.Rough cast and cement covered the new UPVC windows and no attempt was made to clean it for over a year. 7.Poor security on the building site resulted in a major theft of tools and materials.

The break in was reported to the Police but R.S. Ltd. deny any responsibility as the Main Contractor and have refused to provide their insurance details.(Axa All Risk Contractors Insurance) This is only a brief summary of the defects, poor accounting practices, quality control and lack of management skills demonstrated by Richard Street Ltd.. So BEWARE !!! Save yourself money and heartache, look elsewhere for a Main Contractor to look after your project.

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