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This company threaten and threaten and try to pressure you to pay on an account that was in dispute prior to them receiving it. Mine was relating to 02 account.

They send intimidating letters sent by snail class mail threatening court action which if official have to be by first class. As soon as you state that the account is in dispute they say the will look into it and I am to ignore any letters they send for next few weeks.

They then send another threat of litigation for me to have to go through the whole sinario again to be told it again will be put on hold. They say they have powers to resolve disputes between customers and 02 and admit I have been on a merry go round experience with them, to be told again I will be taken to court.

I said please do so and I will raise the issue of dispute before a judge and respect his descision. At least he would listen to me and if judgement made against me I would at least only deal with the court, not the bully boys thereafter. To be then told they dont want it to go to court and infact would want a payment schedule instead. I said just take me to court I have had enough, to have the phone slammed down on me and guess what no court action.

Called again after another letter threatening court, this is getting boring and again its on hold to try to resolve it with 02. I am not holding up much hope.

They also get very stressed when you relay you have proof of calls and effort made to resolve situation. You are not allowed to record us they say, I state you are for record puposes and supply transcript if allowed in court. Why do they get stressed about it, I'll tell you, when you tell them you are recording call they dont funny enough bully and threaten and make you feel like poo on a shoe. When you dont they tend to go for the throat and could be seen as intimdating known vulnerable customer.

To be fair they have it on record now I record all calls as stated on previous letter they denied receiving, it suddenly turned up on their system when quoted over phone. We recieved communication.

So why state I am a gone away debtor and could be seen to be avoiding debt in their words and they are threatening charges when I always respond.

Either mismanaged company or cowboy, but making my life hell none the less. 

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Due to Orange failing to close an old account and continuing to charge, my 19 year old daugther received a letter the other day requesting a large sum of money from Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd. She phoned them up immediately (at this point she didn't even know what the letter was for) to find out what was going on.

The man she spoke to on the phone was so rude, aggressive and nasty to her, she came off the phone shaking and in tears.

Heavy handed tactics appear to be used, completely without any discrecion. I understand collecting debts isn't an easy busy, but bullying a young girl who is clearly distressed is at best unprofessional and highly unethical. Being told you owe money is highly distressing and worrying for most of us, espcially a young girl whom has done nothing at all wrong.

My business will definitely not consider ever using Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd. as they behave highly unprofessionally.

These guys are absolutely hilarious, I enjoy waiting for their letters to come through the post.

The first letter claimed that I owed money to a company, no details, no information and could I call them to talk about it. As I’m not this naïve about debt collectors I Googled them and they are obviously a scam if you know 100% you have no outstanding accounts with any company.

The second letter finally acknowledged that I owe BT money, again no account details, no information what so ever about this alleged debt. Once again I ignore.

The third letter thanked me for paying towards my debt and I couldn’t help but laugh as I still at this point haven’t contacted them.

More letters come through essentially begging me to call them or they would send a bailiff. Again I keep ignoring and the letters keep coming.

These losers are as stupid as they come, BT have confirmed that I owe no money to them and this is most definitely a scam. Do not call them, just keep throwing away the letters and you’ll be fine.

Hope this helps some of you!

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