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In January 2014 the above company's delivery van reversed into my car while it was parked up. The delivery driver came straight to my office and told our receptionist what had happened. He was very apologetic and said he wanted to sort it out without going through the insurance. I was more than happy to do this as they were meant to be a reputable company. The next day the owner Chris lodge came to my office and we had a chat, I had already had some quotes ranging from 870 - 1900 but I spent a lot of time trying to get cheaper quotes for him.

Eventually i got a quote of £800 cash which I was happy with and I rang him the following night to tell him the good news. He asked me if it included a brand new wing and I was unsure so I told him i would double check. A couple of days later I asked and it did include a new wing. I emailed him saying "£800.00 all in". This was not referring to any V.A.T but referring to the wing being included. He had seen that I had said "all in" to which he thought he would take advantage. At no point did he want to include V.A.T as he specifically told me to get cash quotes, so why would I get any other types of quotes? on a previous occasion he had sent one of his workers to another reputable garage asking "what can you do it for cash?" so he knew exactly what he was doing.

I had to go a week and half without my car struggling to get to and from work but I did not mind as I was happy my car was being fixed. All was going well until the day before I had to pick my car up. The body shop rang saying they needed payment, this was fine so I called Chris to which he never answered. I text him explaining the situation. I then got into contact with him and he was on holiday, he was being quite short with me and unhelpful considering I had been without my car for over a week. I then managed to convince him to call the body shop to come to some arrangement. The body shop then called me back saying he was refusing to pay cash and was not paying more than £800.00 including V.A.T and that I would have to contribute £130 towards the damage they inflicted on my car. 

I feel this is outrageous as he had gone against his word and is leaving me to deal with the mess he has caused. To save him money on the overall cost I did not ask for a courtesy car, I got all the quotes for him and was more than happy to go with the cheapest. He has taken advantage of my poor wording in the email. I thought he could be trustworthy due to him being a  'successful' businessman but obviously i was wrong.

This incident has left me out of pocket, stressed and unable to trust anyone in such situations so from now on I will be going straight to the insurance and i would advise anyone else to also do this if ever in this situation, I thought I was doing the right thing for everyone but it turns out all he was thinking about was himself.

I feel his actions were intentional, selfish and the true work of a con man.


Thanks for nothing Chris!

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