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I was starting a small business and needed a business phone and a cordless headset. After searching the internet I came across Ligo-electronics who appeared to be offering just what I needed. I ordered a phone and a headset as a package for £204.99 and paid for express delivery. Over a week later the order had not arrived. When prompted, the business did send me the phone and the headset and refunded me the cost of express delivery but I query what would have happened if I did not start asking for the item that I had purchased. When the phone and headset finally arrived the phone did not work.

It took me a number of days to get a response from the company advising me to contact BT for advice and giving me their general number. After trying to contact BT on that number for 3 days I finally gave up and asked for the cost of the phone to be refunded. It took until the end of September for me to obtain a refund. The refund was only £30 (which is insufficient to buy a new phone of the same type) as all of the discount which I received for buying the goods as a package was apportioned to the phone. I think that this is unfair. I have asked the company to split the difference with me but have received no reply.

If you are running a small business and cannot afford to wait for essential items to arrive and then for them not to work for weeks without any indication of whether they will be refunded, I would just go to a "real" retailer and not use a company such as Ligo electronics, which does not offer any technical support, leaves you in limbo for weeks on end and finally gets the benefit of using your money for a month and refunding you the bare minimum for a faulty item.

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Terrible customer service. I had bought a £245 set of 5 phones and they had a 2 year warranty. All phone calls go to a voicemail system, so you can't speak to a real person. Online repair form filled in and returned and I was called back, being promised a freepost envelope for the non-working item 1 year into the warranty. Nothing. I called back leaving a message for a supervisor to call me back. Nothing. I called them and left them a message saying I had been promised a return envelope, that no-one had called me back, that their telephone communication and email communication was terrible and could they call me back and resolve things. Nothing. I called and told them I would be reporting them to trading standards. I then called Siemens who answered immediately, have given me a call reference, and will be sending out a freepost envelope.

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