DO NOT USE Keys4u - total rip off and overcharging

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On Saturday 4th of November at approximately 7.30 pm my parents (80 years old) took their dog out for a walk. The door slammed behind them and they did not have keys.
Stranded on the road with no keys, phone, coats they went to a neighbour who took them in and called your company Keys4U to come and help.

After a hour Angelo arrived. He said that the lock would have to be drilled out and proceeded with the work. Not once did he offer a quote or discuss charges. The key was drilled out which took about 20 minutes. He then said he was replacing the lock with a similar one. The lock he removed was a Chubb. He replaced it with an unnamed lock with two keys. Again this took about 20 minutes to install. Once the work was completed he handed my father (who was cold and tired by that stage) the credit card unit. In the dim light my father, for the first time was told that the bill was £1,500. Angelo could not give him a detailed receipt and my father only got a credit card receipt as proof.

My father requested earlier in the week that was never sent to him. On Thursday 10th I asked for the receipt to be sent to me which it was. I was horrified to see that they were charged £1,075.20 for the lock.

I have researched the cost of locks extensively and even the most expensive at Banham is an EL 400 deadbolt with release and that costs £468. But as earlier review says they cost around £120.

When I called up on Thursday 10th November to enquire about call out charges and costs I was quoted £59.00 for call out, £30.00 for labour costs and new locks start at £25.

In total labour charges were £406.80.and it is a big difference from the £59.00 call out charge quoted.

I believe my parents have been totally overcharged for the service and Keys4u is preying on elderly vulnerable clients.

By the look of their reviews this has happened to others - surely this ,use stop .

I have spoken with the Kensington and Chelsea Trading standards office lodged a complaint. The reference for this case is SRCOT/17/212882.

I have also spoken with the citizens advice consumer service department and my reference is 14524625.

I have also reported the, to Action fraud, Rip off Britain and watchdog so hopefully someone can stop this happening to others.

Under the Consumer Protection Regulations of 2008 I believe Keys4u was misleading and were exploiting my parents.

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