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They sent a locksmith (Chris C. from Romania) to replace a simple suffolk latch on a wooden garden gate (south London). He came late, had a look, tried to persuade me to get some other lock even though I clearly told him what I wanted. I even showed him photos on my phone. It turned out he had never done this type of lock before and said he had to order the lock and come back later. Before any work was even started, he charged me £49 for labour and £100 for deposit to supply a lock, in total £178.8 with VAT. Not sure putting £20 VAT on a £100 refundable deposit is a common practice. He assured I could trust him because he works for “the biggest locksmith company in the UK” and any money over the cost of the lock would be refunded. He brought a lock priced at max £9-13 at DIY shops and said it cost £85. He refused to show a receipt and said he owed me no refund because he had to charge me extra for “new installation” or some other nonsense he made up. When I said I was going to complain to the company he threatened to come back at night to take off the lock!

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Keys4U replied to my complaint. They apologized and admitted that the technician committed a misconduct and consequences would be taken. They also offered to refund £55.

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