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In 2012 I ordered a custom pair of Parlanti boots from Just Riding in the UK.

They accepted my PayPal payment . . . .took forever to get the boots to me and they came in completely miss-measured!! I sent them back to be redone with the correct measurements. To date I still do not have my boots or a refund! They claim they shipped them however they were never received! Charles at Just Riding advised they were waiting for reimbursement from the insurance and then advised it was I who needed to trace the shipment!

This is incorrect. The shipper is responsible for providing proof of delivery! The customer should not be the one to wait for Just Riding to get reimbursed from their insurance! And how do I know that they haven't already received the funds back or the boots back? I am advising everyone to stay clear of ordering from this company!!! This whole experience has been a nightmare and now they are not responding to emails.

A certified letter will be sent shortly!! Here if the timeline of ALL USPS TRACKING NUMBERS! Just Riding has not provided the boots or a refund and I have in addition to the purchase price of $675.00USD I have spent over $150.00 sending the incorrect boots back to Just Riding to be re-taylored and re-sent. To no avail!

Sotomayor/Just Riding Boots Tracking Date of Purchase: 02/05/13!

02/05/13: Purchased via PayPal custom Parlanti boots for $675.00USD and provided complete and accurate measurements to Just Riding.

03/15/13: Received boots from Just Riding (1st incorrect pair) via: CP146675695PL.

03/23/13: Returned boots to Just Riding: CW429029735US…delivered Poland.

04/06/13: Just Riding received boots that were made incorrectly via: CW429029735US.

09/09/13: Returned boots to Just Riding: CW6271554612US.

09/13/13: Just Riding received boots that were made incorrect via: CW627155461US . . . . delivered UK.

11/21/13: Just Riding re-sends corrected boots to USA via: CP007366876PL. CP007366876PL does not arrive and delivery never made, advised by Post Master label was incorrect and was sent back to sender. Emails sent back to Just Riding asking them to reconcile this problem . . . . they keep telling me this is my problem and I need to trace their shipment!

06/05/14: Received paperwork from Just Riding from the Post Office to verify I did not receive the boots.

06/11/14: Completed and faxed to: 323-586-4363, confirmation on fax received.

Case ID #DE2825272 and Article #CP007366879PL.

Just Riding has indicated on several occasions they have received this completed paperwork. Repeated emails sent to Just Riding to no avail. USPS indicated article is still in transit. I cannot trace as I am not the sender! No refund to date and no boots to date! 10/07/14!!


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Official Reply from Company Representative: All we can do is continue to apologise as we have been Kathi, you can rest assured that your situation is isolated we have sold thousands of pairs of boots with little or no issue and our facebook following and online reviews are testament to the positive following we have.

When we received communication from your carrier stateside USPS to say that they had delivered your parcel we had no reason to think otherwise. Later when we heard from you that they had not in fact delivered the parcel we launched and investigation at our end, the problem is that we have been finding it very difficult to obtain information as to the whereabouts of the package they would not discuss the issue with us at all only saying that the recipient would need to contact her local office. I am sure you can appreciate from our point of view that we sent you the item and provided you with tracking and so to later find out that the package was not received but to have the carrier say it was put us in an awkward position.

Your carrier USPS have said that the item was returned to us, but we have not received the package back and we have no tracking to prove that they have. The tracking just shows that USPS in the United States were the last to have the boots. We have been emailing you back and fourth for a long time regarding this situation and hoped that we were nearing a resolution. We do not wish to play out the situation via online sites and social media as this seems unfair and a little unprofessional. We are happy to grant you a refund of course if that is what you would like but up until now a refund has never been directly requested, you had always been willing to try and see if the boots would be found by your local carrier. We will contact you via email once again to finally resolve this outgoing situation.

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