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My partner and her brother used this Company for renting out a property.

They experienced missed payments on the rental that they had to chase; this was put down to admin error but when it happened again it that became a concern.

They also asked that should any work be needed to be done that we were informed first, this didn’t happen and bills for maintenance arrived and had to be questioned.

They said they inspected several times during the rental period, plus again when the management contract was due to be resigned, they confirmed the property was in excellent condition and that they wanted to manage the property for another year

Due to service received, we thought it would be good to ask another agent to quote and see if we could get a better service for both tenant and Landlord only when the 2nd agent inspected the property did the true story come to light!.

The tenant had totally changed the rear garden, cut down trees, had pet birds in cages in the garden – even though a no pet policy was in place. 

The property was suffering from a long-term water leak from the bathroom and dampness was present along several walls.
Considering the property had been inspected and reported as in excellent condition, it was apparent that either no inspections had taken place or that it was just a bare faced lie.

John Earl Estate agents took photographs, the evidence was so compelling it was a shock to see what had happened to a family home, if it was not for John Earl’s approach, nothing would have come to light.

John Earl Estate agents were not prepared to take on the property until the issues were fixed, which was only fair but John H Crammer report said it was in excellent condition only a week before !

We even contacted RICS to get John H Crammer reported and struck off, they simply failed on all accounts in our opinion.

The property in now with John Earl Estate Agentsand we cant recommend this Company enough for a professional service.

We would not recommend John H Crammer as a property Rental Management Company.
A total disaster and we wonder how many Landlords have fallen foul of their poor property rental management service.
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Go on good for you, we need more people to display the under handed tactics which are happening to the ordinary man and women of this country, Great Britain by some of the worst money grabbing characters we call countrymen/women, stand up and be counted and together we can really hurt these people where it hurts in the pocket. The beauty of this site is that they cannot do a dammed thing about our comments, nor can they get away from them they stick like the brown poo they deserve.

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