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Unbelievable... Not so long ago, I set about renewing a policy which had lapsed with IGO4 for my home contents insurance. The policy had lapsed and I was told on the phone it would therefore have to be a new policy, which, i thought fine, yeah, no problem. I advised them that nothing needed changing in terms of my details, my home and the contents were still the same, fine, I was told and then the policy was set up, i have the details which were requested and I was charged for this, again, fine... to be expected, new policy... set up fee, which I believe was £36. Fine, no problems.

Then, I have a message on my phone a few days later, oh, we have LOST YOUR DETAILS, AND CANCELLED YOUR POLICY, please can you call us (AT MY COST) to amend your policy. That’s right, my financial details lost by them, not happy about this, given that they managed to charge me for the setup of this and then the details are lost. So, details are given... not the end of the world, their incompetence but that’s life.

Then, not long after, another message on my phone, we have cancelled your policy because YOUR DETAILS WERE INCORRECT and WE ARE CHARGING YOU A CANCELLATION FEE OF £50. This is now becoming a bit of a joke, I only have a debit card and a bank account, I don’t have this credit card or that credit, I have one card and one bank account so there are only really two numbers and they are both different purpose numbers, one of each. I dont give the wrong information, I only have one sixteen digit account number. So, having had them probably enter the wrong number in at some point, they are telling them they are to charge me for their mistakes and their practice of cancelling a policy when no such request was ever issued by me, I want to protect my contents with their insurance, NOT TO CANCEL IT and be charged £50 when I had already outlayed £36.

If this wasn’t ridiculous enough, in order for me to get my policy reinstated, I was going to have to be recharged £43. Well, .................................................................I was gobsmacked... I had only just paid £36 a week or so ago, I was told I was going to be paying for their mistakes with a cancellation fee of £50 and then the £43 on top, well....

On writing to IGO4 regarding this, I was told that they set out to be fair with such matters, yet, they have DOUBLE CHARGED me for my policy... and have failed to respond to my follow on letter.

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