Greenway Home Improvements Ltd (member of the Conservatory Outlet) deceived my family and left us with a non-energy efficient conservatory and we fear regarding the porch foundations.

Business review: 

My parents have spent over £20,000 to employ, Greenway Home Improvements Ltd to construct a conservatory & porch. Only to discover the conservatory is NOT energy efficient, doubts regarding the roofing system (supplied by Ultrafame) being structurally safe following an incident where the conservatory double glazed glass roof 10’x2’6” panel fell out of the roof frame, bowing down into the conservatory and allowing water to enter.

Greenway’s Fitters, Steve & John neglected to full fill the contract (agreed by Tom Tucker, Greenway Salesperson), by not carrying out the necessary building work whilst constructing my parent’s bricked porch. This Andrew Green – MD of Greenway Home Improvements Ltd will not address, neither will Matthew Glover & Greg Kane of Conservatory Outlet.

The following is a brief summary of the complaint (a brief summary was sent to Greenway, email dated 13 July 2011):-

1.A 10’ x 2’6”Double Glazed Roof Glass Panel come out of the roof frame and bowing down into the conservatory. This happened 16 weeks after completion.

2.Roof support trims, some supplied undersized and fitted by Steve, John, & Rob, some cut too small (near the roof valley) and fitted by Steve, John & Rob. Steve & John had no intention of replacing these trims, even though the trims were not fit for purpose, thus not making the conservatory energy efficient, allowing water and draughts in.

3.Steve, John & Rob had little respect for the my family property on many occasions, using home appliances without asking permission, breaking items around the garden and hiding them in shrubbery.

4.Rob the fitter for Greenway’s got aggressive with me, for cleaning the conservatory. Yet I used the method that was relayed to me by Ian Haines, the Greenway surveyor.

5.My family had to experience the backlash from Steve & John for the previously arranged, (with Tom Tucker & Ian Haines), internal door to be temporally boarded up while the front door was waiting to be replaced. (Security reasons) The discussion between Steve & John went as far as to call someone ‘twatters’.

6.My family made enquiries to Ian Haines regarding the investigation work allegedly carried out by Steve & John into the depth of the footing already present for the new porch brickwork. (Were these footings suitable?) There was no evidence to prove this was conducted by Steve & John. Yet these instructions are on the contract.

7.Steve& John signed off the conservatory and left a considerable hole between the house wall and the conservatory. Allowing water to enter the conservatory.

8.Steve, John & Rob left the backing on, the adhesive strips on the roof trim. Thus the glass was not secured completely.

9.Steve called the my family liars concerning a crack in the double glazed glass panel, from the side of the conservatory. This crack rendered the double glazed unit as non-energy efficient.

10.Steve & John became aggressive towards my family, when we enquired why the double glazed roof panel had fallen out of the roof frame.

11.Steve & John have lied to the company, Greenway in regards to the customers (my family), not leaving the fitter alone to carry out the job (CCTV recordings to substantiate that Steve & John are not being truthful). Furthermore, if my family were constantly bombarding the fitters with question, as the fitters claimed. How did Steve have the opportunity to once again smear silicon up on the middle of a pane of the self-cleaning glass on the conservatory?

12.The fitters Steve & John, not only made the customers feel uneasy by their aggression, on 28 February 2011 & 22 June 2011(whilst in the my family’s home),but also when Steve called Andrew Green the MD of Greenway, a liar and stated he would tell him (Andrew) this to his face. This is not very customer friendly.

13.Steve & John have gone as far as to slander my family (Greenway Customers) to discredit their characters in order to deflect the issues/matters/complaints from themselves, the causers of the conflict.

The above is a proportionate account of how Steve, John& Rob fitters of Greenway Home Improvements Ltd have treated my family.

The response I received from The MD Mr Andrew Green, of Greenway Home Improvements Ltd was:-

have decided that your e-mail counterproductive. In Response, I have skipped to the end…”

To clarify matters.

The installation was stated as being complete and fit for purpose on 24 February 2011(fitters Steve, John & Rob of Greenway)

Yet Greenway fitters (Steve & John) returned 28 February 2011 to carry out issues on the conservatory.

Greenway fitter (Rob) returned on 19 May 2011 to carry out further issues with the conservatory e.g. water entering through holes in roofing trims etc. Rob got very aggressive towards me when discussing how the water was entering the conservatory. Also, Rob prised the double glazed roofing panel up to remove the backing from adhesive seals, which had been left on during installation by Steve, John & Rob. The valley capping and guttering was misshaped following Rob’s manhandling of the roofing glass. It was also reported to Rob that the guttering surrounding the conservatory sloped away from the down-pipe, thus holding at least 20mm of water.

What I found strange was that, Rob at this point knew exactly where the holes were situation in the conservatory roof, prior to any member of my family indicating how the water was entering the conservatory. How? Unless the fitter (Steve, John & Rob) knew the state they had left the conservatory in.

Greenway – MD Mr Andrew Green visited, on 25 May 2011, my family home, following the aggressive behaviour of Rob, the damage left by Rob and the issues (structural, energy efficiency etc.) with the conservatory. Mr Andrew Green took away a considerable list of outstanding issues, which now appear to have disappeared. Stated as, Mr Green will not refer to the issues itemised on this lists, just keeps reiterating, “complete this one small item”.

During Mr Green’s visit of 25 May 2011, it was agreed by both parties (Mr Green & my family) that not to cause any further damage to the glass or surrounds, that additional trims would be added inside and outside to cover the substantial holes in the roofing trims. Mr Green also agreed that an additional down-pipe would be added to drain away the substantial water that was being held in the guttering. There were also problems with the valley capped that had been misshaped, flashing and the internal sills. All were itemised on Mr Green’s list to be rectified.

20 June 2011at approx. 8.30 pm I entered the conservatory and found water entering from the roof. On inspection it was discovered that one of the roof panels had fallen out of the roof support. Quickly furniture was moved, dust sheets were put down and my family had to prop up the glass in the roof(the double glazed glass panel which is approx. 10 foot x 2”6 had bowing out of the frame in the roof). An e-mail was sent to Mr Green marked as, emergency as my family feared the roof glass could collapse in.

21 June 2011 A member of my family telephoned Mr Green as there had been no response to the emergency e-mail. Mr Green was asked if he could came and look at the roof .Mr Green stated he was unavailable all day and would send Mr Haines (Greenway Surveyor), as he was the more of the structurally minded person, than Mr Green. Greenway confirmed that Mr Haines was to call when he returned from Gloucester. At approx. 3.10 pm on

21 June 2011my family e-mailed Mr Green following Mr Haines non arrival.

At approx. 3.20 pm on 21 June 2011 Mr Haines arrive, at my family Home. Mr Ian Haines (Greenway surveyor) looked at the roof and informed my family to leave the prop holding the glass up in place for safety. My family discussed again the problems of the roof trims that were letting in draughts and water, etc. Mr Haines explained the trims are delivered pre-cut, except for the trims either side of the roof valley. My family know for a fact, the valley trims were:- one side undercut leaving a 1cm+ hole and the other wrongly fitted, at an angle, leaving another gap. When discussing the problems, each time Mr Haines response was, ‘see John & Steve when they call tomorrow’. Mr Haines also said he would phone the fitters at home that night. Additionally, Mr Haines did add that the supplier might have to become involved.

22 June 2011 at approx. 9.10am, John and Steve arrived; my family enquire the explanation of why the glass had come out of its frame, but both John & Steve were not forth coming with answers. My family did notice Steve didn’t reset the double glazed roofing panel, simply prised the glass panel across the roof frame with a screw driver. Questions were asked to the fitters, relevant to the job in hand. During the discussion with the fitters, it became apparent that all Mr Green had previously promised, was not going to happen according to Steve & John. Steve even went as far as to call Mr Green “A liar ………….”and” I’ll tell it to his face.” This put my family in a very awkward position. The fitters left at approx. 9.40am, stating that John was going to telephone Mr Green and request a follow up telephone call to my family. Following the fitters departure it was once again found that the fitters has smeared silicon on the centre of one of the self-cleaning panes of glass. This was a habit of Greenway Fitters while working on my family’s conservatory.

Anyone can clearly see, Greenway Home Improvements Ltd has had ample opportunities to rectify the list of issues with my conservatory and in fact each time has caused further damage.

Yet, Mr Andrew Green MD of Greenway Home Improvement Ltd, will not address the substantial complaint concerning the porch project, the poor workmanship, the attitude from Greenway Fitters, Steve, John, Rob and the conservatory project in its entirety (itemised on Mr Greens list taken on 25 May 2011). Yet Mr Green has acknowledged photographs of the poor workmanship of his fitter that were forwarded to Ultraframe, the suppliers of the roofing system.

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I can't comment on the review above, but we've had our conservatory completed by Greenway - the design and build involved all the same names as above. We couldn't be happier with the quality or the service to be honest. We're there any problems? Surprisingly few and reassuringly small and swiftly put right. I wouldn't normally place a review, but as there only seems to be one for this company and quite a protracted battle, I felt I should show the other side of the coin.
We're thrilled with our conservatory and it's fair to say it has enhanced our enjoyment of our home - just as we hoped.

This comment will begin investigation on 21/06/2013 as it was automatically flagged as "positive".

As per our policy, FoulBusiness UK may investigate positive content as well as negative content to determine how genuine the comments are.

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Regards, FBUK Support Team

I don’t like having negative review, especially when I have genuinely bent over backwards and had to deal with everyone from Police to councils and beyond for this lady.We dealt with liquidators from a company that let her down and also had threats of physical violence from builders who I kept from entering her property.

I have worked long and tirelessly to keep all my clients happy. Unfortunately, I cannot make this lady happy. I’ve liaised with councils for her, I’ve removed other companies shoddy work from her property and I stuck up for her when a director from another company turned up to her site and she had to hide in a garage and call the police so I am very unhappy to receive these comments.

We have tried several times to resolve these issues, and my suppliers have written to confirm we are able to resolve any issue providing we can have access to the property.

I work for my reputation and very disappointed that we cannot resolve these issues for this customer until we can gain access. over the years we have had hundreds of very satisfied customers and hope they will add their experiences to show this is most certainly not normal for my business. If any of my customers have any issues they only have to email or call me.

Please Miss Williams allow my company to sort out your glaziing support trims, that's all the problem is.

Kindest Regards

Andrew Green

Miss Williams

At Greenway Home Improvements we pride ourselves on the quality of our product and services, which is why we ask our customers to complete a review.

I am pleased to note that you awarded our work as 9 out of 10 and asked if you would recommend us you said that you would.

With regards to the outstanding issue with trims on your conservatory, as related to you in previous correspondence, we would welcome the opportunity to correct your glazing support trims.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience to arrange for this work to be carried out.

Kindest Regards

Andrew Green

Miss Williams

At Greenway Home Improvements we pride ourselves on the quality of our product and services, which is why we ask our customers to complete a review.

I am pleased to note that you awarded our work as 9 out of 10 and asked if you would recommend us you said that you would.

With regards to the outstanding issue with trims on your conservatory, as related to you in previous correspondence, we would welcome the opportunity to correct your glazing support trims.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience to arrange for this work to be carried out.

Kindest Regards

Andrew Green

On the 23 November 2011 Mr Green stated he has dealt with police, councils & liquidators from a previous company.


My brother and I had to deal with the police following a verbal assault from the previous company employee, which went into liquidation taking thousands of pounds off my parents. Mr Green did not have to deal with the police at all on my behalf.

Mr Green makes reference to councils. There was only ever ONE council involved. The council issue concerned planning .This service Greenway claimed they provide to their customers.

Mr Green refers to dealing with liquidators from another company that had let me down. My family have never asked Greenway to make contact with the liquidators on our behalf. Furthermore when my family did make contact with the liquidator ourselves, we were informed that there was no record of my family with the liquidator concerning transactions with the previous company. (Records supplied by Gwent Aluminium /Gwent Ali liquidation of 4 Grange Road Industrial Estate, Cwmbran , the previous company.)

So I do wonder what Mr Green is talking about concerning the liquidators.

I now fully understand why Mr Nick Ross (Television Presenter & Journalist) emailed me in the early stages of this case stating, “how murky consumer protection is and how badly policed the whole field is.”

Mr Green then claimed that Greenway have tried several times to resolve the issues but claimed also that he was denied access to my property. Mr Green again is forgetting that my family have allowed Greenway Fitters Steve, John & Rob access to my home on numerous occasions since the completion of my conservatory and porch, only for the fitters to cause further damage to my conservatory. We then received aggression from the fitters for asking questions, of why problems were occurring and why the project was left as it was.

Mr Green states, “If any of my customers have any issues they only have to email or call me.”

I have tried this above method of communication with Mr Green at the very early stages of this complaint, only to be:-

Banned from entering any of Greenway sites, for no reason.

Sent a solicitors letter threatening me with action via the Courts, if I did not remove my comments from review site on the internet.

The ONLY reason I turned to the internet, was the fact that Mr Green would not address the complaint involving problems with my conservatory & porch.

Mr Green appears to have forgotten there were TWO separate installation teams working at my home.

Steve, John & Rob worked on the conservatory. Later Steve & John constructed the brickwork for the porch, against what was pre-arranged with the builder that works with Greenway.

It was the second team of fitters that constructed the front door and surrounding window frames, which obtained the 9 out of 10 in the satisfaction report completed by my family and this second team of fitters would be recommended. As these gentlemen were polite, friendly and showed respect for my family’s home.

Unlike the fitters John, Steve & Rob who:-

1. Used home appliances without asking permission

2. Broke items around the garden and hide them in shrubbery

3. Called ‘someone’, “Twatters”, for wanting an internal door to be temporally boarded up for security reasons


Mr Green fails to mention, that we were issued with TWO, “INSTALLATION COMPLETION SHEET”. This sheet is what Mr Green refers to as, “satisfaction report”.

My family only completed ONE sheet. The sheet referring to John & Steve was NOT completed out of respect for Mr Green and his company. As at the time Mr Green WAS showing my family respect, until the “10’ x 2’ 6”Double Glazed Roof Glass Panel come out of the roof frame and bowing down into the conservatory”.

It was only at that time of the roof glass incident that I begin to thoroughly inspect the paperwork, workmanship etc. regarding Greenway and the projects conducted within my family home.


Miss Williams,

Please note the comments below, I have tried several times to return to your site and you are not letting me.

With regards to the outstanding issue with trims on your conservatory, as related to you in previous correspondence, we would welcome the opportunity to correct your glazing support trims.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience to arrange for this work to be carried out.

Kindest regards

Andrew Green

It has been brought to my attention by the BBA that the roofing system supplied by Ultraframe to Greenway Home Improvements Ltd, for my conservatory incorporated faults due to, (BBA statement), “ a clear installation/workmanship related problem”. (The installer being Greenway fitters, Steve, John & Rob).

Through my own investigations I have found no proof, that Greenway has any qualifications in relationship to fitting conservatories and the BBA have confirmed that Greenway should not have been displaying the BBA logo, as the company Greenway are not BBA regulated.

I did enquire through the Conservatory Outlet Ltd (which Greenway is a member of) the accreditations of the Greenway Fitters. Conservatory Outlet’s (Mr G Kane) response was that I have no right to know their accreditations.

Dear Miss Williams,

Thank you for the above information, the product fitted i.e. Ultraframe roof does have the BBA certification. We have already dealt with this before, and you are quite correct Greenway are not BBA regulated. The BBA have informed me that I can state that we use products that are BBA related, this also applies to BMTRADA as I have had very valued discussions with both of these bodies who were very helpful.

Conservatory Fitters require no qualifications to fit conservatories. However my fitters have been fitting conservatories for twenty years while the insudtry was in it's infancy so I would like to think they are experienced enough to install and subject to hundreds of very satisfied customers I've never had issue with them on any other installation.

The issue is whether or not you want me to rectify your problem, why will you not allow me to do this is beyond me. Please allow my company to your property to sort the Support trims out for you, that's all I want.

I trust you and your family are well and look forward to dealing with your service issue when you contact us.

Kindest Regards


Miss Williams,

Apologies I did forget to say in fairness of impartiality, I am allowed to state that the products used have BBA and BMTRADA accreditations , however what I did that should not of been done is used the LOGOs' on my letter headed paper and this has been rectified.

However I do feel that the above information is irrelevant really as all I wish to do is sort your problems out?

Please Miss Williams will you allow my company to site to complete your service issue.

Kindest Regards

Andrew Green

I refer back to my posting dated 2 December 2011, where the BBA are quoted as saying, “a clear installation/workmanship related problem”. (The installer being Greenway fitters, Steve, John & Rob).

Yet, Mr Green posted on ‘’, dated 2 December 2011, “my fitters have been fitting conservatories for twenty years while the insudtry was in it's infancy so I would like to think they are experienced enough to install and subject to hundreds of very satisfied customers I've never had issue with them on any other installation.”

So, I reiterate, from my brother’s email sent to Mr Green dated 22 June 2011, “please explain what Steve, John & Rob had against our family from day one?” As Mr Green claims that the fitters have installed hundreds of conservatories and never had issues with any other installation, but my family’s conservatory is experiencing numerous installation problems from day one following completion and are continuing to happen. The most recent issue being that one of the double doors does not close/seal properly at the bottom of the door. This is allowing a considerable amount of draught to enter the conservatory. There appears to be a considerable amount of problems with my family’s conservatory considering Mr Greens claims his, “installers………………are totally qualified and craft trained in the work they are to undertake”

Therefore, I ask, why is my family’s conservatory experiencing so many issues/problems?

Mr Green wrote on 30 November 2011 on the ‘canyoutrustthem’ website, that he can't understand my level of aggression towards his company. I think Mr Green will find that it is not aggression his company is in receipt of, it is a customer attempting to obtain their rights for a product that has been paid for in full, to be installed to a standard Mr Green’s company claims a customer will receive.

What Mr Green fails to understand is that the whole series of events that has transpired since the conservatory glass roof falling out of the roofing frame, has been caused by the aggression of his fitters (reference to fitter Steve & John visit on 22 June 2011). This was not the only time the same fitters Steve & John showed their aggression on my family’s premises. This happened on 28 February 2011, during a discussion between Steve, John & Ian. Where voices were raised for the whole neighbourhood to see and hear. THIS TIME MY FAMILY WERE NOT THE RECEIVERS OF THE AGGRESSION BUT ANOTHER MEMBER OF GREENWAY STAFF WAS. (Recorded on CCTV as it occurred on my family’s premises)

I can’t comprehend how Mr Green has place the onus upon the customer, when his own fitters (Steve, John & Rob) are tarnishing Greenway with their aggression, bad workmanship whilst upon my family’s premises.

Therefore, what reassurance does my family have that these occurrences would not be repeated and my family would not receive repercussions?

Good Morning Miss Williams,

All I wish to do is sort your problems out Miss Williams, I waould like you to let my company on site to sort the issue out, I have offered for Andy and Nathan a seperate fitting team to sort these issues out for you, truly Miss Williams there is nothing more I can do.

I do not hold loads of staff on my books and I can categorically say I have never had these sort of issues before ever. All of my fitters are normally commended on their level of expertise.

I can assure you Miss Williams that if you allow Andy and Nathan to site we can have this rectified very quickly.

Please contact us Miss Williams so we can put these unpleasantries behind us, then I will arrange to send these fitters to your property.

Kindest Regards

Andrew Green

Good Morning Miss Williams,

Mr Green of Greenway Home Improvements has come to an amicable agreement with you to solve the issues you have with his business. With this in mind we can not allow you to write more comments until you also agree to his decisions.

If you genuinely do not want his company to rectify these issues, please contact

You may not write more comments on here and must contact Mr Green personally.

We hope our decision will help you get your issues resolved.

Kind Regards,
FBUK Support

with permission from FoulBusiness UK


Polo Grounds Industrial Estate

New Inn




7 December 2011

Dear Mr Green

Re: The rectifying of numerous issues/complaints concerning the conservatory & porch

In response to the postings you, Mr Green made on & .

Can it now be established that you, Mr Green are now prepared to rectify ALL the outstanding issues/defects that are in need of repair/amending as per the contract/paperwork produced by Greenway concerning the Williams Family’s conservatory & porch. Not merely, the glazing support trims that you, Mr Green have reiterated time and time again.

This is openly discussed within the public domain for your personal response, Mr Green, as a private verbal contract was made with you, Mr Green / your company, Greenway (Home Improvement Ltd) and the Williams Family on 25 May 2011 which you. Mr Green have reneged upon. This is stated as you, Mr Green inspected the conservatory and listed a series of issues/problems that needed to rectified.

Yet, no work commenced, nor was any notification given by Greenway to the Williams Family that the issues/problems listed by Mr Green would be rectified at a later date.

Reference is hereby made to Greenway Home Improvements Ltd Terms and Conditions Clause 24/25, “The company shall thereafter have a period of 4 weeks to commence works to remedy the complaint.”

Thus WRITTEN CONFIRMATION IS REQUIRED that you Mr Green MD of Greenway Home Improvements Ltd will be rectifying ALL the outstanding issues/defects that in need of repair/amending as per the contract/paperwork produced by Greenway concerning the Williams Family’s conservatory & porch. Not merely, the glazing support trims.

Additionally, WRITTEN CONFIRMATION IS REQUIRED that the Williams Family and their property will not receive ANY repercussions from Greenway/staff/employees.

Miss Williams awaits your response Mr Green.

Dear Miss Williams,

If after inspection of the extra remedial work that you say needs doing it is found that these items need addressing, my company will rectify them.

Miss Williams I don't do repercussions, I'm not a vindictive man, all I would say is that respect hopefully should be given to both parties with the assurance that I will instruct my staff to be courteous and polite when dealing with your family and would trust that we would get the same in return.

If you would be so kind to contact me at your earliest convenience to arrange when Ian and I can call to your property to discuss the other remedial work then we would be happy to do this for you. I would llike to state that with Christmas fast approaching the Four weeks work commencement maybe a little tight but I will ensure that we are as close to that as we can be.

Kindest Regards

Andrew Green.

I would like to stipulate that my complaint regarding Greenway has not been rectified or finalised. An official letter was sent to Mr Andrew Green (Ex- Director, now Managing Director) & Mrs Lucianne Green (Director) dated 12 April 2012. The letter concluded with the following paragraphs:-

As from the date of this correspondence 12 April 2012, I Miss Williams require that all the outstanding work be completed, by the 12 May 2012. This includes the correct roofing glass, “Conservaglass” and my projects brought up to a high standard that is advertised by Greenway/Conservatory Outlet.

Subsequently, if Greenway are NOT prepared to honour the contract, guarantee, promises made etc. I, Miss Williams will obtain a quote from another source, concerning the work that need to be carried out on my conservatory & porch and Greenway will pay for the work to be carried out prior to the work commencing.

If Greenways are not prepared to provide what has been stipulated, I will review my case again, in order to obtain what has been paid for in full.

An acknowledgement of receipt of this email is required by 1.00 p.m. on 13 April 2012 and a subsequent full response to follow, with the understanding that the work must be completed by 12 May 2012.

Greenway's responses:- "I do not believe that any third party is required even if you were to approach anyone I would not authorise any payment to them."

" my fitters have requested that the CCTV be switched off . Andrew."

Greenway / Mr Green are (what I consider) blackmailing my family. Mr Green requires my family's security (CCTV) to be switched off whilst Greenway fitters are present at my home. This security was on when the projects were built, but Greenway knew they were caught on camera the first time round, doing things they should not have been doing.

To the date of this posting, 20 September 2013, the projects have not been rectified by Greenway. Greenway have not cooperated as the company are claiming and in fact are, (what I consider) blackmailing my family.

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