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Back in November 2013 I purchased a Hair Bean Detangling Brush through GoGroopie ( which is a discount website, and the voucher had to be redeemed through a company called, and postage of £5.95 which I paid through PayPal.  I never received the brush, and despite many many emails to both GoGroopie and Onevolution over these many months, it is only recently that GoGroopie finally gave me a credit for the voucher.  

I, also in January 2014 purchased two novelty bottle umbrellas from GoGroopie, and again the voucher had to be redeemed through a company called  I never received the umbrellas, and again very recently GoGroopie credited me for the umbrellas. However, Onevolution ( have never credited me for the postage of £4.49 for each umbrella, and so they owe a total of £14.93.  It's not the money, it's the fact that actually this is criminal behaviour and I do not believe they should get away with it.

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