Two night getaway rip off - gift ideas for two (RESPONSE RECEIVED)

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Was brought a gift for a two night getaway as a wedding present.

the box clearly states £199 so you would expect £199 worth of a getaway, but no the two night getaways actually cost less, the rest of the cost is for their third party charges between the company and the hotels.

the only reason I knew the room was cheaper was because the hotel I booked with sent a confirmation with the price, which apparently according to gift ideas for two was a mistake and shouldn't have happened. Only reason it shouldn't have happened is because you then know you are being ripped off. They said they couldn't guarantee a hotel would cost that amount for a two night getaway, so I asked them to look through the ones available and find a hotel where I'm going to get the getaway for nearer the cost of the voucher, but surprise that's not something they can do.

not only that the hotel is actually cheaper if you go to them directly.

would never recommend these gifts, complete rip off and no help to find a hotel at that cost, not even willing to extend the voucher so I can research the hotels and costs myself.

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Having read your comments, I am very sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with the pricing of this experience. The voucher you have purchased entitles you to a Two Night Getaway as detailed in the product packaging. The voucher can be redeemed at any of our contracted hotels; each is independent and has its own direct pricing structure. The majority of hotels will charge different rates depending on the time of year, day of the week and how busy they are and many also offer cheap ‘only one room left’ discounted rates via various websites.

To make this pack work we have to combine all of the pricing and location variations together to create a single Nationwide package where the customer always receives a ‘Two Night Getaway’ that has a direct value in line with the £199 RRP of the pack at as many venues as possible. We always try to ensure that direct pricing is in line with or as close to the value of the voucher, but during the 12 month period that the voucher is valid for direct pricing can fluctuate.

Comparing the cost of booking directly with the hotel is not comparing the experience you have purchased like-for-like for a number of reasons;

- The Two Night Getaway voucher, at £199, covers different pricing rates across 28 hotels available throughout the year. This offers fantastic flexibility and certainty of value.
- This voucher is valid for up to 12 months and can be booked at any time within the voucher validity period.
- This voucher is presented in a presentation gift box, cancellation cover is included and our customer service centre are available to assist with any booking queries.

Therefore, we feel that that the price of this experience is fair.

We allow customers that are unable to use their Voucher within the validity period to extend the voucher for a period of up to six months from the expiry date (excluding promotional vouchers). A Voucher can only be extended once and must be done while the voucher is valid. The £20 fee is the administration charge payable if customers choose to extend the vouchers validity.

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I would like to disagree with two comments made by gift ideas for two and they are the fact that the hotels are available through out the year which offers flexibility - however for most of those hotels this is not true many weekends were unavailable and only offered off peak times. Also your customer service is terrible they cannot be bothered to return emails or help with booking. I have tried to contact them on many occasions.

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