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having received a £50 gift voucher at Christmas we proceeded to register and receive our usable £50 voucher, after the traumatic experience of finally obtaining the voucher you then try and book a theatre ticket on limited days of the week at a limited number of theatres. You find one, Wicked ! no literally Wicked in Londons Apollo, Victoria. you go on line and try to book the tickets but you can't, the seats you want are £33.00 each... you call the number and they try to book but they can't, you then call another number and half a directory later you get given the customer services number of Gift Ideas for I ring it... The last number was right, the tickets I can buy using my debit card at £33.00 each are for sale using the Gift ideas for Two voucher at £85.00 each....why ??? because it's an experience...well it's one experience they can keep.

Do not waste you money buying a friend a voucher, give them cash...the only people on an experience are the owners of Gift Ideas for Two...they get to experience the fine side of life using your hard earned cash.....I am surrendering my vouchers to the BBC - Rip off Britain.... Joe Public needs to know not to waste his/her money.



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