Traditional Pub Breaks - but no room at the Inn! (gift ideas for two)

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I have just had a most upsetting experience at the hands of 'Gift Ideas For Two'. To save others from a similar experience, let me share it with you.

Last Christmas (2013), my wife bought me a 'Traditional Inns & Pubs Break' from 'Gift Ideas For Two'. She paid £79 for the gift which entitles us to one night's free board (excluding all meals) in selected pubs and inns around the UK.

From the outset, there was a problem when the  redemption voucher (for which we had to apply separately) failed to arrive in the post . After some  lengthy discussion, a second one was despatched and we finally looked forward to enjoying the gift. Unfortunately, during recent renovation work to our home, the redemption voucher became detached from rest of the gift packaging. We have all the details and gift packaging  - including the original receipt of purchase - but the voucher has been mislaid.

After searching everywhere, my wife rang 'Gift Ideas For Two' and explained the problem. Perhaps I should explain that she is 73 years old and £79 is the sort of sum that an elderly person reliant on a pension can ill-afford to lose. Very honestly, she admitted that the voucher had been mislaid and asked for assistance and cooperation in sending a replacement.

The company's absolute refusal shocked both of us. Their justification was both disappointing and self-serving...

Because they have no process for contacting participating pubs to void an issued voucher they would not send a replacement. Despite the fact that no use had ever been made of the gift and that we had irrefutable proof of purchase, they were implacable. End of!

To add insult to injury, the Supervisor reassured us that, should we find the original  voucher, it was still valid until the end of the year. Considering that we had just spent a fortnight searching for the voucher, this trite comment seemed to sum up the company's unhelpful and inconsiderate response to customers.

Yes, we were stupid enough enough to lose the voucher. However, when two pensioners are daft enough to have a senior moment, cannot someone show just a little help and consideration? Clearly, no-one at 'Gift Ideas For Two' can! 

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