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My son paid £34 for a Traditional Afternoon Tea for Two voucher for my wife and I.

The voucher is redeemable at over 70 venues around the UK.

You might assume that the locations are listed inside the little presentation box that you handed as the gift, but no, you have first to register the voucher on line. This is no easy task, I am pretty computer literate but it took me a good half an hour to locate the three codes - Activation number - security number - voucher number to finally reveal the "Charming country and city hotels and tea rooms" available, surprisingly there was one on my doorstep in Farrington which is actually in Leyland Lancashire, which is a bit worrying as this industrial northern small town is not exactly the most charming place on earth and definitely not on the tourist map of Great Britain.

To actually claim the experience you must then book in advance with the venue to "Have the time of your life!"

Although this is not a direct scam it is very clear that the whole thing is designed so that a large percentage of elderly people attempting to use this voucher just to get a cup of tea and a scone would most certainly give up at the registration stage. Even the idea of booking ahead is a another deterrent, lets face it, you may not like the look of the place when you get there.

They need disclose the venues before sale, however I suspect that if they did so, their sales would drop like a lead ballon.

T Brown,  Preston, Lancs.

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As the other poster said, avoid this company.

My partner's sister had a voucher sent to us.
Upon trying to register the voucher, it turns out the only way to actually avian a usable voucher is to send a registration card via post - with the receipt attached!

Not only is this inconvenient and puzzling, it's also highly unlikely that you'll have the receipt as it wouldn't be in the sealed envelope to begin with. So after tracking down some semblance of a receipt, you still have to register further and book a venue. It is only now it becomes apparent how little value the products offered actually are. A vineyard tour, for example, cost my sister-in-law £35. Most vineyards only charge about £8-12. Even for two, that's a markup of about £10-20. And then you still have to get there yourself.

Finally, they have a very suspicious system for calling the help line (which you likely WILL need to call). UK callers are asked to call a 0874-number, which costs 8p per minute. Irish customers, however, are asked to call a regular UK landline, disguised as an international number. This smacks of trying to get more money out of the callers, who usually have no choice but to call for help.

All in all, avoid this company. I'll be reporting them to consumer standards, and so should anyone else whose friends and family have been tricked out of their money.
Finally if you've got one of their vouchers and need to call them, call the UK landline intended for Irish callers to avoid paying them more than you have to.


I was gifted a vineyard tour for 2. As we live over 200 miles from the nearest vineyard we decided to do what it says on the box exchange the voucher for anything on the website.

You can not exchange it for nearly 90% of items / activities as the Terms and conditions small print (only available on-line) limits you to the most outlandishly expensive items only. They are all so over priced it would cost you more to use the £40 voucher than book directly with the provider


Agree completely.
We weren't sure whether to go with unusual hotels, dining experiences or white water rafting & couldn't really make an informed decision as thee wasn't much info on the website.
Eventually figured out how to register for white water rafting but they only release one date at a time & if that's not convenient you have to wait for them to release new dates.
Complete nightmare to book!
I advise you chose an activity/location & book directly.

My wife and I received this voucher as a gift from our Grand daughter. It was bought from Argos in Weymouth, Dorset.....Yes, you've guessed it, there is absolutely nowhere in the whole of Dorset where this voucher can be redeemed. I have talked with G.I.F.T on 03712002435 and was told by the team representative "I'm sorry but, even though the list of locations include Bournemouth and Poole, we do reserve the right to change this list without notice" what a Rip-off!! there ought to be something that Trading Standards can do about this sort of misrepresentation? Furthermore, I feel that Argos should also be held to account as they are advertising and taking payment for a service which does not exist. SHAME on you ARGOS. Suggest people avoid this most unsavoury bunch. BWD

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