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I paid for a website with Get Live UK, it never worked properly and was so far off the brief we discussed it was comical.

They have now blocked the site and won't switch it back on, holding me to ransom for further money. They are registered at offices who have no connection with them and they are getting dozens of people each week looking for them.

Consumers please be aware do not use Get Live UK, they will rip you off. Guaranteed, there is a similar report of another business in Salford on this site. Exactly the same Modus Operandi, I wish I had read this site first before spending £290.

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Get Live UK also scammed me. I paid £349.99 for a 10 page website and waited 3 months with no reply from them. After I emailed every week to find out where my design was and how long it would take they sent me an email saying 'stop spamming us.' I was furious and asked for a refund in full. Not only did they not give me a refund but they shut down my company emails and locked me out for 1 week, after I had paid for a whole 12 months emails. I had to pay a specialist to regain access to my domain which they had also blocked access to. Also I remember messaging them a question regarding my website and they billed me for £35 when they replied, and they didn't even solve the problem, holding me to ransom until we paid.

Get Live UK are the worst company I have ever experienced and wouldn't wish them upon anyone.

One day we will catch up with you "ANDREW from Get Live UK Ltd". We have more information on you than you give us credit for!!!!

The Police are very close to catching you and when they do, you will be spending a long time in a hotel not to your liking. RIPPED ME OFF for £600!

Anyone else who uses this company or any of the other companies they create, beware. The moral is dont pay anyone any money until you have a finished product! And certainly DO NOT pay any money via bank transfer. If they do not accept credit cards, then do not use them. At least with a credit card payment you have 100% cover to get your money back. If they say they will contact you and dont, they have ripped you off for sure. Dont accept any excuses that he has been away from the business. He will fob you off with all sorts of lies. I managed to get in contact with him via an anonymous phone and received a call back. During that heated phone call, ANDREW said "I can shut down and create another website at any time I like"! To date I have found 3 of his, all with extremely bad reviews. I found out I had been ripped off, when I contacted some of the example websites that were on his site. All said they had had problems, or lost money. Check out Scamwarners and this site before you ever go ahead with handing over any money!

Thanks for reading.

After doing some research it looks like Andrew has set up again. This company is not registered as a business on company's house and is new and based in the same area. They also use some of the same template sites for their portfolio and the content on the web Monkey Site is very similar to Get Live UK Ltd.

Nice find. I've had a look. It's based in 'Bacup, Rossendale, Lancashire,' which is where Andrew's 'Bacup Web Design' and 'Get Live UK' was based. I'll be 100% verifying this then I will be reporting to the police, financial ombudsman and prosecuting. I still have my prosecuting court case against Andrew open and pending (which was the advise from the HM Courts and Tribunals Service) for an event such as this.

Andrew will pay for what he did to me.

I too had the same problems but managed to salvage my website by installing some plugins and backing up and copying the files!

I now use who were a great help in getting me away from these b&*(ards!

I even went down the legal route but decided against going to court as they can easily shut down their site and open another! The costs and getting these back if it went to court and won would be difficult to get back and for a £500 site i decided to host elsewhere and its not worth it.

The guys above really helped me out when i didnt have a clue what to do and id recommend them to anyone. We unfortunatley lost my dads site as they blocked it and we could not get any access to it. So we had to purchase a new domain and the guys above have program that finds old sites and it was copied across! If you want to use them its a guy called Simon and tell them Jai referred you.

I had a site made by them last year. £600 and never worked. My mate who works in the field spent a fair few hours changing things

Andrew was nice as pie when he is taking you money but as soon you chase him he turned the tables around and accused me of being rude and offensive and spamming their system. He threatened to not let me have my site. i waited 6 weeks without hearing a thing and ended up getting a zip file of useless information sent to me.

If anyone knows where they are now post it on this thread. i would very much like to speak with Andrew again and give the scum bag a piece of my mind. I do hope the Police catch up with him sooner rather than later.

This is more information on him.

Director Overview

Andrew Lewis holds 1 appointments at 1 active companies, has resigned from 0 companies and held 0 appointments at 0 dissolved companies. Andrew began their first appointment at the age of 20. Their longest current appointment spans 1 years and 5 months at GET LIVE UK LIMITED.

The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Andrew holds a current appointment equals £0, with a combined assets value of £0 and liabilities of £0. Roles associated with Andrew Lewis within the recorded businesses include: Director
Registered Details

Short name Andrew Lewis
Year of Birth: 1992
Director ID: 917609981
Registered Address

Bacup Web Design Burnley Road
United Kingdom

1 appointments at 1 active companies
0 resigned appointments
0 appointments at 0 dissolved companies


Andrew Lewis did the exact same to me, but took me for more than £600.00, charging me for 'Nominet' work which he never did. I paid before knowing we was a massive fraud. When I emailed asking where my website was after waiting a month he also accused me of 'spamming' him. I was livid. That's when I got the financial ombudsman involved and filed a law suit against him. I was informed he was forced to shut down after that.

I will be calling the police.

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