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Ordered a gear box from them on Tuesday. Interestingly, with hind site you can order any part in any multiple and this company claim to have it. Ie 42x gearbox for my rare car!! Checked it would be 2-3 days delivery before placing the order. No gearbox by Friday, Monday or Tuesday.

By Wednesday they claimed they had yet removed the part as the car it was to be taken from was in a pile of cars three deep. Said they would get the part off and in the post that day. I asked if this could be guaranteed and was told there was no guarantee as the part may be damaged once they removed it. I called back 20 minutes later to cancel the order, being not happy with the service, to be told the part had been miraculously removed within 20 minutes and was in fact damaged. They would endeavour to find me another. I cancelled the order, which they were happy to do and asked for a refund.

Chased the refund four times every two days as was told it would take 48 hours each time. Have left it with the credit card company to reclaim my money due to now product being received. Foreign car spares run by foreign people.

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