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STAY AWAY, STAY AWAY, STAY AWAY, Keep as far away as possible from these guys, YOU WILL get hurt if you don't. I recently placed an order for an engine from them at approximately 13:30 on 2 June 2015 with a chap by the name of Ali, he told me that the engine will arrive sometime on Thursday and at the latest on Friday. Thursday came and was almost out the door, when I decided to phone and enquire as to where the engine was, I was told that the engine had been sent on Wednesday and that I could expect it on Friday or Monday. Come Monday, still no engine so at around 11:00am I called and enquired as to where the engine was, I spoke to a chap by the name of Tarim, he told me that the engine was still with them because the collections only get done on a Friday and that the courier had not collected the engine on the day, but not to worry, the engine will be sent today. Well, what about the fact that you have just told me that collections only get done on Fridays? Anyway, I told him that I am not taking this, that he is to consider the transaction as cancelled and that he is to refund my money.

Minutes later, the boss man calls me, the heavy..... Ahmed phones me and starts telling me that I need to understand their business and that I am being unreasonable. REALLY???? Is the fact that I have already paid them for an engine in good faith, yet 6 days later, I have received nothing but empty promises unreasonable? Is the fact that one would expect the engine to be dispatched ASAP unreasonable? Is it fair to find out that the engine that has been ordered is still standing at your premises despite being told that the engine had been dispatched? NO, Ahmed, it is NOT me that has got it wrong, it is YOU. People rely upon good service and business practices, something that your business has failed miserably to realise, by looking at this site and other review sites, if you were a business with any honesty or integrity there would not be the negative reviews that there are and I would not be posting here either.

What really tickled me is the fact that I NEED TO UNDERSTAND THEIR BUSINESS, well isn't all business pretty much driven on the same principles? Ahmed, unlike you I have been in business since 1986, I have had staff compliments of up to 150 staff working for me, I think I understand business better than you do. SERVICE is the most important element of any successful business, that along with the correct attitude towards your customer. The fact that you said to me that you would have to consider whether you would do business with me in the future .......Bwhahahahahaha, what a joke, YOU laying down the rules for doing business with ME in the future? Bwahahahaha, you should be kissing my ass for business, not the other way around.


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