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I had an email via 1st choice from this company offering a petrol tank for £40 plus £10 vat plus £10 p & p. I rang them on sat and was told delivery would be wed to which I said I would try and get one locally so this guy dave said he coild do it for Tuesday. Tuesday came with no part. my parents had to ring and was told it was 3 day delivery and would be there wed or Thurs and no dave worked there. I rang wed morning to find out why the part didn't come as promised and spoke to a manager who stated that the reason there was a delay was because the original part was leaking and yhey had to get a replacement. and it would be delivered on Thursday. I checked my bank that afternoon and £84 had been taken put so I put a complaint in with the bank. I rang fcs back and asked when it was being delivered and he said Thursday and then queried the amount and he tried to say the extra was for vat. I told him exactly what their email had said and found out this was yhr non existant dave I was speaking to. he denied our original conversation about delivery date and blamed cross wires. the part has not turned up and iv had to run around and get another one. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

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