japanese car parts RIP OFFS !!!!

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I got quotes by using 1st choice website online, instantly my phone rang it was Mr Khan from FCS Stating they have the part in stock, told me it would be a £20 payment for the part and £5 for delivery.

I was told next day delivery but then when i made the payment it changed to 3 days which i still thought was fair, 3 days went past and the part never arrived, so i called them they then told me they posted it the day after my purchase so i waited a further day it never arrived.  on the 4th day they tried telling me it would take up to 15 days when i expressed how inconvenient it was i was promised a replacement to be sent next day delievery and tracked, so i waited again it never arrived so i called and was given a fake tracking number !!!!!   when i called back they tried to tell me the tracking number wont work because i wont receive the parcel for another day..come on guys do i really sound that stupid or are you too stupid to make better lies up!!!

a week has gone by still no part and


more lies, just to think if i used a different company i would be driving now, i am heavily pregnant and been left with no car for alot longer than it should of ever took because of this crap company!!!  o did i mension they are also refusing to give me a refund !!!

pffffttt stupid idots need to sort there business out because they wont be around for long, probly end up robbing aload of people then shutting down.

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