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I run a motorcycle parts company in central Scotland, I have used fastway couriers for about 9 months.

All went quite well until October when my usual pickup driver left the company without warning.

The pickups became quite sporadic and unreliable.

At the start of November the Manchester depot took over the running of the central Scotland depot as the original franchise went bust(but didn't tell anyone). At the end of November the Scotland depot closed. 

Now the problem, I have two large parcels missing, know one knows where, know one really cares. The Manchester depot are ignoring my emails.

I have over £200 worth of unused tickets purchased after Manchester took over and have been told to try and claim the original franchise.(he went bust).

So the rule is stay clear of them, use Interparcel instead, you don't have to put £200 down on a book of tickets to use them, they use DHL ect who aren't going to pick up sticks and walk away with your money and your goods. Or use royal mail, maybe more expensive but they don't steal from you.

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