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We have been using Fastway Couriers for about six months and were offered Same Day service as well as the usual Next Day service. When we started using them we were told that their parcels did not go on dimmensional weight and the boxes that we were using were fine. The last couple of weeks, our local franchisee has told me that i would need to double up on the labels for the large boxes because he is getting charged by dimmensional weight which means it is costing us twice as much as we were first told. We like to have a collection from our company at 5pm which enables us to send out orders that have been purchased that day but fastway like to collect at 3pm which realy wasn't practical for us and mean't that our next day service was turning into a 2 day service. Today was the final straw as far as we are concerned. I called fastway last evening to arrange a collection for this morning (same day - as agreed when we bought the labels)to which he told me, he would be in to collect from me at 9:30am. I received a call from the courier at 9:45am telling me that he could not do the collection because he was stuck in Amazon so my customer would have to wait another day for the goods and also told me that he could only do the Same Day service as a favour when he was not busy. This is showing us that everything he promised us when purchasing the labels he has gone back on and the service we first received is now, non-existent! Once we have finished the labels we have left, we will not be bothering to use his services again.

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