RIP off Evans Halshaw and Vauxhall

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Utterly disgusted with this firm. Booked my car in to them for what they said a FREE tech inspection. I arrived on time not looking forward to a 2 hour wait handed over my keys and straight away they wanted money. I refused and repeated what I was told by their branch receptionist, then they said I was mistaken (calling me stupid)then I was told I was misinformed and had to pay up I refused and left.  I have since contacted Evans Halshaw customer service and vauxhall customer service both not interested one bit. I explained my plight nothing I explained the faults on my car which only has 48k on the clock and the faults are very very common faults again both Evans Halshaw and vauxhall did not care. My advice avoid these 2 companies only want your money after that they just don't care

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