Eccleston Homes refusing to correctly repair defective works

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I bought a new house from Eccleston Homes and completed in June 2015, There were many issues needing attention but I take the view that in a new build there will be issues to deal with, its the way that a company deals with them that makes the difference.

The majority of issues where completed, although most took several attempts and in some cases they made other matters worse. I completed some of them myself has I'd had enough of them coming and going.

I did report to them problems with the bedroom floors, there was excessive bounce in a few rooms and after several site visits by the company agent they sent out a team to effect some type of remedy.

The joiners did a lot of banging, cut and fitted some plywood on the engineered joists, and sprayed expanding foam everywhere. put the chipboard flooring back and left.

Several days later my wife noticed cracks in the tiled floors of two bathrooms, they were not there before the work.

The site agent came out and admitted that the work the joiners had carried out had most likely caused this so they had to replace the two floors, they completed this in August 2016.

The agent confirmed that they would extend the company guarantee to cover all these works for a further two years, and sent me a email to that effect.

Early 2017 i again noticed that the bathroom floor tiles had cracked again! and that a "lump" in the landing floor. A new agent had taken over now as the previous one had left, he saw the floor agreed it needed replacing and said he would get a team out to look at the problem with the floor.

Before work could be started I had a leak in the bathroom, not down to the builder, which caused some damage to the ceiling so we removed some plasterboard.

This allowed us to understand what the problem is with the floor joists as we now could see the issue.

One joist running through the centre of the house is 15-20mm higher than it should be because the have built the internal wall to high, this is causing a huge "HUMP" in the floor, not only that there are some 7 joists attached to this sitting on the wall which need lowering, and a further 6 joists which are between 5-15mm out of level creating a roller coaster effect.

Whilst the builders have tried to get out of doing this, they have now accepted liability to fix ONE joist, this is totally crazy as it will have no effect in rectifying the problem. they are also trying to say that its acceptable to patch up the plaster board and not refit as new. remember this is a brand new house.

The excuse they are using is that this is now outside their two years guarantee!

This is a very brief overview of the issue, the email trail is huge and documents all the evidence against this company.

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