Dukes Gifts made a mug out of me!!

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I was contacted by Ricky Tubby of Dukes Gifts, via Twitter, in May, asking if we would be interested in a special price of £24.99 for 10 personalised mugs for my company.

I thought that would be a great idea & duly sent him the design I wanted & the money.

I waited patiently & after a month, e-mailed Mr Tubby to find out when the mugs would arrive..............he said they'd been sent & offered to send out another set, as they hadn't arrived. 

I waited some more.........still no mugs.

I contacted him again & again & again (there have been countless e-mails that received no reply) & finally, he said he would refund my money as "they can't keep sending out mugs that don't arrive"

To date (October), despite further e-mails, I have still not received a refund.

I have also never been shown a proof of postage, despite Mr Tubby saying that he used a company that I've always, on previous occasions, been sent an e-mail tracking number from.............it all seems a bit suspicious to me & I would avoid this company like the plague

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