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Doubletake Studios finds potential clientele through referral from previous customers. They contacted me stating that a friend of mine had used their service and thoroughly enjoyed it. All they required was a deposit of £2 for a booking for two people and no further cost was required.

I then called them approximately two days before the appointment to cancel but I was put in a queue and then when I did actually get to "next in line" I was cut off. After repeated calls, I was able to leave a message and was told I would be contacted within 24 hours which did not occur. I finally managed to get through to the company on the day before the appointment but was told that I couldn't cancel it without paying a £250 cancellation fee (£125 per person) when in the terms and conditions it states £125 per appointment. In addition, I was unable to reschedule the appointment because of snow and the fact that I can't travel 25 miles in this weather, without having to pay a £125 fee.

These fees were only relevant because I hadn't cancelled or rescheduled my appointment at least 7 days before the scheduled appointment yet they don't take into consideration mitigating circumstances that could occur within that period. On further investigation, the trading standards stated that I am legally required and liable to pay the cancellation fee if I don't attend, however, this is questionable as the company is deemed as being 'unreasonable' considering the circumstances.

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