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Doubletake Studios called me about 4 weeks ago and told me my sister-in-law had given me a free gift to have a makeover and photo shoot so I thought that was nice, so I took it then after a few days after I was at home with my cousin and a call came through and he wanted to book a date then he said he needs a £2.00 booking fee and I got weary because of what my cousin said to me that I must be careful because it may not be free so I said to you are only taking for only this amount and only this was to be take and they will not take no more than that, they did not ask or tell me that they would hold on to my debit card details and take more without my permission that was not stated and free means free, he even said to me that I can invite another person with me and I choose my mum to come with me, but over the weekend on the 8th my mum sufferred a severe asthma attack and all less priorities went out the window and it was to look after my mum,

Confirmation booking papers came on the 10th November and my booking was for the 12th but because of what happened I did not think about it, the a week after that on the 18th I realised a substantial amount of money was missing from my account and that was my money to pay my bills and get food and gas, electricity and it was gone, I phoned the bank to find out who it was and my money manager told me that it was doubletake they had taken £198 without my permisssion and put it down as sales and services when they did not provide me with this the first transaction of £2.00 had the same description.

The reason why I did not read the terms and condidtions on the internet because I thought there was no reason as this is a gift from my sister-in-law so it does not apply to me and when I came home the monday for a change of clothes I received the double take booking confirmation also but did not read it until this had happened and realised that I had been duped into something that I could not afford and did not tell me that they will be hold my debit details to take out more money. When they called they told me this was a free gift so I should not be paying nothing for this as this was a gift,

I have emailed them several times and will send you copied of these because this is not justified and if they had sent the paper work when they did I would of had time to read the terms and conditions and be able to make the decision to cancel because I don't think it is ethical for a business to dup people into getting a photo shoot worse this is credit crunch time do you think I have a £198 to throw away to a stupid photo shoot, if this was told to me I would of been able to make the decision not to especially if I had knowledge of them holding onto my card without my permission.

I have got my sister-in-law to write a letter confirming that is was a gift and my cousin who was with me when they called because I had them on loud speaker and she could hear what they were saying. 
All I want is my money back they did not sell me a sale or give me a service they were trusted that they were to only to take out £2 and no more than that. so did not ask for permission to hold onto my card and if that was allowed wouldn't other creditors especially ballifs would hold on to your credit card if that was ethical and legal they had not the permission to take out any more than they should and they told me that it was a gift from my sister-in-law.

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Just wanted to WARN you know that DOUBLETAKE STUDIOS opened once again as BROADWAY Studios and/or MINISTRY OF MAKEOVERS with the same director Julian Jenkins and his then manager Gillaine Mcllelland
If you browse through this page, they have given their address as DoubleTake studios, Doubletake Studios
19 Bakers Row,
London, EC1R 3DG

If you are worried about buying pix and the exhorbitant price, don't worry, they gonna call or text you to sell the pictures for VERY CHEAP.

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