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My husband and I are both pensioners and were excited to think that we would be buying at last a beautiful Leather Suite with the chairs being electric recliners. 

We were served by a salesman called Ian in the Kings Lynn Store and he gave us the usual sales patter along with a very good talk about having a 5 year policy for Leather Care with Castelan being the Insurers. We thought that this was brilliant and paid £3,000 for our suite and another £200 for the Insurance and went away after having paid in full for the suite that day with real excitement. 

12 Weeks later the suite arrived, 2 weeks after it arrived one of the seats had a small split in it so I reported it to the Kings Lynn DFS who sent out a lovely man called Dave, he did a quick repair on the chair with glue and then dried it with a hairdryer. We did not at this point want to cause any fuss or bother because we genuinely love our suite. Now this gets interesting because 1 week after Dave left on my chair I discovered black markings on the arms and the front, (the suite is cream). I rang up DFS and they sent out Dave again who apologised for coming out, he said that in his opinion this was caused by Textiles or clothing to you and I and we would have to ring Castelan and put in an Insurance claim. I duly did this and they emailed me the claim form and I filled it in. Castelan then decided to ring DFS and ask Dave to come out again for photos and a report of the marks. Dave came out for the third week running last week, he said he was gutted that we were treated in such a manner and I believe him genuinely. 

The thing is when Ian the salesman sold us the suite he told us it was just a matter of picking up the phone and someone will come out and clean up a stain for us even if it is off Jeans, (wrong). Castelan are trying to get out of cleaning my chair as it is caused by a Textile marking and this is not covered under the policy. I am upset and hurt so I wrote an email to the CEO of DFS who got his Customer Manager to ring me up and tell me off for shouting at her because I was upset at spending £3000 for a suite that I could have chosen a different colour if I had known about the insurance issue in the first place. I forwarded a copy of my email to DFS at Kings Lynn to their Manager who has not bothered to contact me and I doubt he ever will. I am not giving up as I have had my suite for less than 3 months now and I am very very upset and DFS you have my thumbs down and I will be reporting you to Watchdog, the newspapers and anyone else I can think of until you help me because not only am I a pensioner I am disabled to boot and have just come through Cancer!! please please people think twice about the suites you buy and who you buy off.

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