Ripped off £150 by Justine from Daily Poppins Reading!

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As the title says I was ripped off for £150 by them doing the "5 hour cleaning" when in fact it is 1 hour 40mins for 3 people (this was not made clear). Nothing was done acceptably, a complete and utter waste of money. I needed my flat cleaned for putting on the market to sell. My poor mother had to work for hours and hours to get the flat ready to our they left me in the s*** basically.

When I complained to the owner - Justine - she was rude and even lied to me in a reply saying they had done 2 and half hours extra work?!

The worst cleaning company in history - period. Avoid like the plague!

The owner Justine is a con artist / liar and should be investigated by trading standards.

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