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Never ever get engaged with these people, horrible service and worst is the admin, who would not even help you and rather say you (customer) is wrong.

I asked them for 2 days for trail and if we are satisfied, we will continue and if not, we will discontinue.

I paid for 2 trails days, however, I was not happy with service. I informed Daily Poppins to discontinue the service.

They are now saying, I need to pay 25 GBP as admin fee for not using the service.

Really a foul company.

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Dear kept private,.
If you wish to get back at Daily poppins, just tell them they owe you for admin fees, because all you need do is to bill them for each time you wrote or phoned, it is perfectly legal, that is all a company does when it is writing to you it adds on each communication to your bill at a set fee, if you wish to know more about getting back at the establishment log onto getoutofdebtfree.org there are plenty of thing that business and the establishment do not want us to know, you can use all the tools at your disposal.

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