Cleaner from Hell! Save your house and dont ever call Daily poppins to clean

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Daily poppins Newbury is the worst cleaning service I have ever had in my life. The first day was a horror where the rubbish from my bathroom was left in my kitchen! In 50 mins 3 people working they didnt clean anyting at all just superficial wipes. Kitchen was still sticky and oily and the most basic of cleaning is vacuuming they eve got that wrong!!! I complained to Agnes of Daily poppins Newbury and she assured me that next time would be better and the same story next time. for the price and 3 hrs service worth they barely touched my kichen and dining and a bathroom. They are very cheeky with time and dont give mittens about doing the job. NEVER EVER AGAIN ...dont bother with this agency.

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Well, couldn't agree more. Paid the Wallingford one £200 for 8 hours. Probably got 6 between the three of them. Paid for the Midi clean as needed skirts doing, furniture moved etc as it states in the service description. Went through the house like a dose of salts. Just about a mini clean. Didn't bother to clean under or behind things, didn't clean my bath, didn't leave the shower door clean, skimmed middle bits of the kitchen tops, didn't clean door frames, left loads of flies, cobwebs and dust behind things like curtains, and ornaments, etc etc. Didn't move things off the floor, let alone furniture, and I tidied thoroughly before they arrived to make it easier. Asked to make sure I was happy, but rather than point out 100 things they hadn't done, while they stood at the door waiting for money with one foot in the car to go, I left it. Can't wait to see my regular lady again. Having said this, they were very pleasant.

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