(RESOLVED) CyberpowerPC Nightmare

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I bought a computer from CyberpowerPC earlier this year. It was very expensive too. Unfortunately, it arrived in defective condition. It crashes rather often with blue screen errors like critical_process_died and kernel_data_inpage_error. After three returns for repair, they failed to fix the original problem. Not only that, but they created new problems each time! They do not properly test systems!

The first time, they broke the front panel on the case. They replaced the GPU, but that did nothing to fix the crashes.

The second time, they fixed the front panel & replaced the hard drive, possibly with a worse one. They also replaced the internal wifi card. But guess what? The heatsink was detatched & flopping around inside the system! So I sent it back again.

The third time, they reattached the heatsink, which was dented, but functional. I noticed some bent capacitors on the motherboard as well. At first, the computer seemed okay, but that wasn't the case. The first time I had to restart, it took multiple tries until successful boot. I got various errors, which never happened before, like "disk read error", "bcd error", and a few other unpleasant things.

After being a victim of their inability to fix my PC several times, I requested a refund. I was told it was only possible with a 15% restocking fee, plus shipping fees. They wanted to restock my broken computer?! So I eventually tried again. I ended up with the same result. I also tried a request for a replacement computer system, but also they refused to offer that. I fail to see why I should have to pay greatly for their inability to provide a properly functional product! The warranty has been very useless to me...

I am from Pennsylvania, in the United States. I bought from their US site, but CyberpowerPC operates in the UK as well. Same company. Their websites are...

sybergaming.com (same company)

In my honest opinion, everyone should run far away & avoid them! Never look back, or you'll likely regret it! I am not alone with my terrible experience. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it until later, but they have terrible reviews. They also sometimes use "like new" parts, which are refurbished. I think that's somewhat misleading! I wish I had researched them better, because then there's no way I'd have ever ordered from them in the first place. However, I don't think that's an excuse to leave me stuck with a broken computer. I've never felt so stressed out & ripped off by a company in my whole life! I wanted a reliable company I could buy from again someday, but I ended up with a nightmare I wish I never heard about at all!

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