Brewers Fayre - Southport = not a great company

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Having come back from university i was fortunate enough to gain a job at a Brewers Fayre in my local town. At first i enjoyed it and had a bit of a laugh and everyone was really nice and all were similar to my age (20). As time went on however i saw another side to the company..

Before working there i had heard MANY horror stories of how they treat workers, running out of food and even stories of promiscuous staff (with one another). I was given a lot of hours however i didnt even give in my bank details until the second week, where i had missed out on a LOT of pay (about £600 worth). They were very reluctant to help me out, always passing me on to the next duty manager, and i didnt even get a clocking in card till the end of my time there (didnt get a name badge or a shirt either).

Some things i saw in the kitchen was also downright disgraceful. If food was dropped on the floor they would pick it back up and put it on the plate and send it out.

There was no leader on the restraunt floor either, very often causing chaos (though i put this down to the duty managers being so young). There was a young duty manager who literally did nothing all shift and would tell others to do jobs for him, never moving from behind the bar. When he was forced to work by the head boss (who was often on holiday) he was very very incompetent and not management material.

The worst part is since i was never put on their system they have no record of me being there, thusly i imagine it is going to be difficult to get the wages i deserve.

They also had 17 year olds working behind the bar. i do not wish to tell tales but i mention it as i fear them getting in to trouble.

The chain i worked in also failed their brand audits often, and for every 10 compliments there was 10 complaints, thusly leaving a guest reccomend score of 0.

I have nothing against my colleagues as they were great, but i feel there is something wrong with, perhaps, management and head office.

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