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Let me start by telling you that this business is based in Suffolk and the job was in Blackpool Lancashire where i am from. So they employed 6 decorators from surrounding areas. The job was painting Rossal Boarding school in Fleetwood. It was pricework which seemed ok.

Gary the foreman for APB Decoration Ltd was there with another lad giving instructions and getting materials. You had to work 2 weeks, put in your hours and invoice, then get paid 2 weeks later. My first wage was right but a week late, then my second wage was wrong and 2 weeks late now as the job was coming to the end.

A corridor i had started and nearly finished to a high standard although APB Decoration Ltd​​ told us to "1 coat" everything it didn't look too bad i didn't get to finish so their own lads finished the job. I had 35hrs for this corridor 350 POUNDS expecting it would only take a couple of hours to finish that was ok no no no i was then told by Andy Ball the owner that i had left it in such a bad way that it took his lads nearly 40 hrs to put right knowing full well i have no way of proving it. He is refusing to pay.

I pride myself on my work and i am a fully time served decorator of 20 years. This is absolute rubbish and am so angry but cant do anything about it so people out there watch out for APB Decoration Ltd 3 coats means 1 and untrustworthy when it comes to money.

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Without Prejudice

To ensure both sides of the story are heard and to correct the over generalisation of facts to create a negative situation out of nothing please note APB Decoration response.

Contractual agreements regarding payments were known and documented with all subcontractors and honoured in every respect. This individual is forgetting one important fact namely to receive payment on time it is important to actually issue an invoice. On both occasions referred to above payment was made in accordance with the agreement, we have receipts available demonstrating this fact for date of invoice receipt against payment date made.

This individuals work was snagged independently by APB Decoration Ltd and the end Client, the corridor referred too required reworking for several reasons, poor preparation (sanding down), undercoat application which resulted in final top gloss coat peeling and was not something a 20+ year time served decorator would be proud of seeking payment for. The fixed hourly allowance was 30hrs, the rework actually took 39hrs for obvious reasons.

The individual was not available to complete the work as he had a previous appointment in court which he told us would last one day but actually ran for three days and he in turn never contacted us afterwards, but only to chase money.

The work in question needed immediate rectification so APB Decoration Ltd as the contract holder completed the work in its entirety and this is the basis of the non payment for the final invoice, which he was advised of accordingly but now feels his only option or recourse is to spread malicious rumours/gossip not only in regard to the company but the other professional employed on the project.

Andrew Balls Director

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