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Never ever buy Anglian products...

I had never experienced plastic windows before, with regards to, how they promoted goods, the installation, results of fitting, and performance.

The issues I found are so many, the problems created by these windows can only be reversed by ripping them out and getting superior windows put in. 

Where to start...

The anglian manager in discussion about technical side and general performance was out of his depth, which he later admitted, he just wanted a sale.

Fitting including using dirty old sheets, gunk and glue and dried silicone, stuck on screws (left ''fossilised'' marks on lino and wood flooring, damage on woodwork, radiators, etc, damage to all window frames, after removing protective covers they dragged and dunted them along the outside ground, the ''speedwork'' meant carelessness all round, much cosmetic work occurs, snap on plastic covers, etc, numerous were cracked. The vent area, circulates the air inside of whole frame, and the the internal vent cover, cheap plastic, has no rubber seals on either clasp or base, therefore acts as vent open, so no rest bite from either noise or cold winds. Being plastic windows they sweat, so condensation is ever present, in all conditions, the whole frame can become soaking wet, and the internal area of frame, mechanisms for closing etc, is constantly filled with water, they know about this, as they have drilled holes in all areas, and if you open out a window one can soak the floor. The internal 'puddles' creates a breeding ground for germs, already mold is growing, and in summer, well....

One cannot leave these windows unattended if open, if even the lightest rains or winds crops up they have to be shut. Rain pours in, and the wind buffets them, even closing and opening them. The performance regarding cold prevention and heat retention with these Anglian windows is simply answered. Dreadful, really really bad. Windows are completely hollow, the wall cavities are left exposed, this means coldness comes from two directions, the cavity ventilation and the gaps in windows both filling in cavity wall area making these areas within walls and apron very cold. 

Silicone in some areas is the only protection from elements. The cheap cosmetic sills covering the splintered broken wooden sills, held in place by a couple of nails, are not flush, and wide gaps exist. These gaps let in cold from cavity wall and from the lower outer plastic window frame area, one bit of plastic sealed with silicone. 

Think 'dry ice', with regards to the lower part of house being constantly cold, this is continuous, and as one can't plug the gap, heating area always a battle. Cold prevention, therefore is seriously poor. Heat retention is a joke.

Heating costs have tripled, anglian spec, is a fairy story. The company are a disgrace, I FIRMLY state never use them for any services, ever.
I end with this.

The windows are only two months in use, yet all the seals and sillicone are compromised, all have shrunk, and are shrinking, in one area I put a thin piece of dowling into the outside gap below window where silicone has shrunk, and it came in right through into flat, only the underside of sill stopping me pulling it straight through, therefore area exposed to all elements pouring into cavity wall, and flat, and the wind coming out of underside of sill can be so bad that it blows out candles.

Noise levels are very high.

Hollow frame acts as an amplifier, so increased noise from rain and sleet against frame, and outside general noises, ie, traffic, etc.

Superior is wood timber and glass
Best is timber, triple glazing, cladding
Worst is Anglian 

Anglian are Cowboys and Chancers.
Issues ongoing with the anglian.

Disgusted & Unhappy With Anglian Cowboys

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Worst Decisoin Ever - DO NOT USE ANGLIAN !
guys, please please please do not spend any money with Anglian. Read the reviews on line, Watchdog etc. They are absolutely awful. We've spend £65k on an installation that should have taken 6 months - 17 months in and we're in legal discussion to get out of the contract and living in a lounge full of rubble with holes in walls and howling wind through new windows! Work standard extremely poor - they will destroy your home! Customer service is non-existent!

SteveH253 Avatar
2 months, 3 weeks ago#269
I would like to share with you my dreadful experience I received from Anglian Windows and for the poor service and workmanship I received, which took them 13 months to put right. The actions of there fitters while carrying out the work at my home was extremely worrying and concerning. Even though I was told at the offset that Anglian use there own fitters, then later to be told that they never do , so I think because they subcontract they fitting work they dont really have much control how the work is carried out and of the actions of the fitters . I had used Anglian before at my home in Surrey which they had done a excellent job , but unfortunately it was not the case this time at my home in Devon. In the end after getting no sense and being misslead from the southwest management team ,I sent a letter to there CEO to see if he could help me as no one at Anglian could actually deal with or turn my compaints around, and all I got was a letter back from his PA just saying sorry and yet I was still made to pay in full even though I did not receive the service I was quoted for and what I was expecting from a reputable company. I so wish I had used a local company now

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