Anglian Home Improvements - A lesson on how not to deliver customer service or quality products

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After a long and lengthy battle with Anglian Home Improvements I have decided to write this review, not to complain, but to explain to other potential customers the experience they should expect when dealing with Anglian Home Improvements. Included is a diary of events (facts) that occurred following the installation of our conservatory. It is then for you to decide if this is acceptable when making your purchasing decision.

- Sales
We are not cash poor, but are time poor. Therefore when deciding to extend our home a little we had quotes from 3 different sources. A local vendor, Anglian and Everest. The price quoted by Anglian was around double that of the local vendor, but we had more confidence in the sales pitch that they understood what we needed, and we wanted a seamless transaction so were willing to pay for less hassle.

It's worth noting, overall sales was good. A little pushy but not overly, and our final sales rep was instrumental in getting the sale

- Installation
Generally this seemed ok. They worked hard, in sometimes difficult wet conditions. There was a week delay, but in the scheme of things this seemed good

- Product Quality
Very poor. A number of glass panels showed significant and heavy scratching and the bifold door, worth £8k in itself would intermittently not lock

Some of the glass panels have had to be replaced 2 times, and even now at least 1 has a sizeable scratch in the middle of the glass, but given it was replaced twice I do not believe replacing it again will result in better quality

- After Sales Customer Service
Very very poor. In fact I would go as far as to say in my personal experience, the worst customer service I've ever received from any company period however I'll leave the diary of events below and summarise to say that after 5 months, the glass has finally been replaced albeit still showing scratches, the door frames are showing wear from replacing glass and the door lock if anything is worse resulting in an emergency call out at one point because Anglian didn't answer the phone

- Diary (note on each of the visits the lock was adjusted, so has had many attempts to fix)
20th Dec - work signed off
21st Dec - cleaner round to complete finishing touches, Project Manager arranged for frame scratch to be fixed on 3rd Jan
3rd Jan - Project Manager informed of scratches on multiple panes. Arranged for original fitters to return to polish out
9th Jan - Fitters returned, little effort made to polish scratches out
12th Jan - Project Manager visit to inspect fitters work and decision made to order 3 pains of replacement glass and service engineers visit to be arranged at same time
20th Jan - Called office for update. Promised call back (no call)
23rd Jan - Called office again for update. Was told issues with glass ordering. Note put in the diary to call back on 27th Jan
27th Jan - No call back. Attempted to call office at 5.15pm but closed for day
27th Jan - Emailed Anglian for update
30th Jan - No email response. Called office for update. Promised call back (no call)
31st Jan - Called office for update. Confirmation received glass ordered and scheduled to be in stock on 6th Feb. Appointment arranged for 9th Feb to refit. Confirmation via email received later in day to confirm service engineers to attend on same date.
6th Feb - Called office to confirm glass arrived. Confirmation received
8th Feb - Called office to confirm engineer visit. Confirmation received
9th Feb - Call to us to state wrong glass and visit cancelled (Morning we were expecting service engineers). First formal complaint made to head office after unsatisfactory response from regional office
9th Feb - New glass ordered
15th Feb - Chased for update on new glass
16th Feb - Informed glass missed delivery so wouldn't be fitted on 17th as planned. Phoned office for escalation. Spoke to Manager who arranged for service engineer to attend on 2nd March. Also spoke to Project Manager to remind of damp patch.
17th Feb - Project Manager visited and would arrange builder to look at weep holes
20th Feb - Chased Project Manager for builder visit and to inform of elbow joint split
21st Feb - Received confirmation from Project Manager that builder would visit on 23rd (pm) along with visit from Project Manager to look at elbow joint
23rd Feb - Call from Project Manager at 2pm to say builders running late and wouldn't make it today. Rearranged for Mon 27th. Project Manager to visit to look at elbow joint on 24th.
24th Feb - Project Manager visited to look at elbow joint and confirm builders on 27th
27th Feb - Builders due. Called Project Manager at 2.30 to chase. Received voicemail at 3.30pm. Called back just before 4pm to say van had broken down. Rearranged for Thurs 2nd.
2nd Mar - Builders attend to fix weep holes. Service engineers attend to fix scratches. Didn't complete work as wasn't enough time allowed. Rang Project Manager to rearrange next appointment.
3rd Mar - Service engineers rearranged for 23rd Mar to complete work
23rd Mar - Service engineers attend and complete work as advised. However, scratches still visible.
24th March - Call Project Manager to inform of situation. Project Manager arranges visit for 30th Mar
30th Mar - Project Manager agrees to replace 3 panels with 7-10 day lead time
24th Apr - Call office to get update on glass. Email sent to Anglian. No response.
27th Apr - Call office for update. Email sent to Project Manager. Voicemail left with Project Manager. No response.
4th May - Visit from project manager to look again at intermittent lock issue
25th May - Fitter attended and replaced glass panels. Adjusted lock. Lock failed again around 3 hours later.
26th May - Fitter returned, attempted to adjust lock again and left working. Evening it failed again resulting in emergency call out
30th May - Contacted Anglian. Told fitters would return Thursday 1st with a replacement lock to fix once and for all
1st June - Fitters arrived, had no tools and no lock so were not even able to adjust resulting in another wasted appointment. Phoned Anglian. No Response.

I hope this is useful when making your purchase, and hope Anglian consider this experience when looking at their internal procedures for after sales customer support

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I'm very sorry to hear you're unhappy with the service we've provided. This is certainly not the standard of service we expect to provide. Please email with your full address and reference this review as we would like to help get this resolved.

Sincere apologies,

Ellis (Customer Care Dept)

Ellis seems to spend all their time making up excuses!! and after reading many bad reviews it very much seems this is Anglians standard of service... I'm having the same problems with Anglian myself with a Conservatory build from the Hazel Grove office the difference is i haven't signed off the job nor will i be doing till all the mess is sorted they're a Flaming nightmare. I wish i'd never let them through the door...

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