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In March we decided we needed a new front door as ours was not very secure. As we had used Anglia Windows in the past we decided to call you for a quote.

The salesman came to our house and we agreed on a door and new kitchen window. We paid £350 deposit that day and were told it would be installed within 8 weeks. A week later the surveyor came and measured up and we believe all was on track.

Having heard nothing by May we called and were told it would probably be early June.

Having heard nothing again after a few weeks we called again. At this point we were told someone should have called us weeks ago to say we couldn't have the door we wanted as our doorway was too narrow and the surveyor had made a mistake.

Eventually we were contacted by the surveyor who said it was his mistake and apologised. He then said he would see what door we could have and get back to me. After another week we called him and were told we could have the colour door we wanted but without the panels. We were told this would also be cheaper so there would be a reduction in the bill. We agreed and were told we would now need to wait for an installation date.

In the meantime we complained via email about the delays to the customer service department.
On 2 occasions we asked about payment and the cheaper door plus a reduction in price due to all the delays and problems we have incurred.

We were told to call the finance department who said it was nothing to do with them as we were not paying on finance but paying upon fitting.

We called various departments and have been passed around with no one being able to tell us what is happening to our complaint.

We now have an install date but are no further forward with anyone actually dealing with the issues we have raised, the lack of communication, the appalling customer service and the fact that we have been with an insecure door since March.

The door and window were finally fitted this week and although the door had no letter box , hinge covers and part of the window frame was incomplete, these issues were sorted the next day.

I have been chasing managers for months to discuss payment and reduction in the price due to the lack of customer care and the fact I don't have the products I originally agreed to pay for.

Today they have rung demanding full payment.

I spoke to a manager who eventually offered to take off £150. To which I laughed.

I eventually said I would pay if they reduced the bill by £350., he said he could drop to £250 off but I said no.

He said he would have to speak to his boss Mr Henderson to authorise.

He came back and said his boss said £150 only.

I have told them no at which point they said it would be passed to there legal team.

I think everyone should steer clear of this shoddy outfit of a supposed company.

If they treat old existing customers like this then goodness knows how they treat new clients.

They should hold their heads in shame!

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