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I ordered several producrts from Anglian Home Improvements in June 2014 and after agreeing prices and signing 3 seperate contracts the probelems started immediateley.

Despite being surveyed promptly and a start date being agreed I started to fit a new kitchen. The idea was that the windows would be fitted, especially the kitchen one before the quartz worktops were fitted as they would abut the widow and form the window board. I chased Anglian many times but the start date passed with not so much as even a return call. After writing and threatening to cancel the contrcat they eventually fitted the windows, long after the kitchen was finnished, meaning a lot of remedial work and redecoration was required by myself to resolve the mess left. I also had to arrange for several pieces of the old timber frame had to be removedfrom site.

The window to my dining room was also fitted at the same time and again I was left to try and repair the window board , which had been left unsupported and a large crack forming where it joined the new window and unrepairable without removing the window or the window board. Anglain have never addressed this problem but did eventually replace the faulty double glazed unit that had ball bearings left inside it.

I ordered a sectional GRP door for my garage , which took months before it was delivered. The fitters removed my garage door and then found all the fours section they supplied were badly damged. They fitted these sections as a temporary measure for security, after using most of my tools a they had not brought the right equipment with them. They did not fit the winding mechanisim leaving the garage door unopenable for over 6 weeks, fortunately my car had been removed. They eventually returend after the six weeks to fit the motor so the garage could be used , but only after I made threats about garaging, a condition of my insurance was that the car was garaged over night. After much chasing and many non returned phone calls they eventuall returned to fit the repalcment panels only to find the new panel were also damaged. Fortunately they had ordered 7 panels instead of 4 , by mistake and so managed to return on yet another day and finally fit fit the door, over 12 weeks after they started.
They still had to return after this and adjust the door so it closed properley. They even had the cheek to ask if they could fit an inferior roller door as they thought they had underpriced the product. £5,200 when I could have found a similar product from a local company for around £2,200


This took 9 months from order date to be fitted and still was badly fitted. They had to return to polish out several bad scratches, change a double glazed unit they cracked whilst fitting and make good the roughly cut mitre joints by capping them. They left concrete on my tarmac drive, which is still there and all I was told was that it would eventually wear off.


A disaster story. It took 9 months from order until it was started and again virtuall none of the phone calls I made chasing a start were returned. The ground workers ignored any health and safety rules sitting on top of my old conservatory with a hammer smashing all the old glass, which fell every where especailly all over my french doors , which now have many scratches and ballistic impact marks. Whilts doing this theyt wore no proctective equipment and then asked me for plasters and help removing glass sards when they cut themeslevs. I had to go and get a polythene sheets and fit it over my doors to protect them from further damage.
They made such a mess that I was left with cement and concrete all over my patio, garden furniture and front drive. During the works they smoked like troopers and left dog ends all over the place. The conservatory floor had dog ends stickinhg out of the concrete even. During the ground works I found my brrom and a shovel had been taken , never to be returned and my gazebo, borrowed to protect the bricjwork from rain had been damaged and parts chucked in the skip. On the subject of skips they over filled one and asked me to provide another, at short notice and pay for it. After much chasing they evetuall reimbursed me for the skip but still left me to move a lot of heavy concrete from one skip to the othet until they were light enough for the lorry to lft them.

They did not follow the Anglian specification and left out a lot of the edge insulation they should have put in. the floor was laid without being levelled leaving it like a trampoline and they had to return and pull all the floor up, lay a levelling screed and lay the floor again. Even this floor slopes and I have a diffent height step from left to right on my french doors. The floor was also laid higher than agreed meaning most of the step to the french doors is now covereed and a trim cannot be put in place. They had to return twice as I could not lock the doors and large craqcks are now appearing between the window board and the frame. The plaster to the walls is cracking in places and there are several scuff marks and gouges to the frame in genreral.

I have made many phone calls and promised return calls, which never happen. I have had two seperate site managers visit, who have acknowgled the remedial work and damge that need to be sorted but after leaving site I hear nothing else and again never get a return phone call. I am still left with damaged glass to my french doors, which I had to repaint after repairing gouges and scrtaches to the timber, concrete all over my drive and patio, I had to repaint my garden furniute, replace my gazebo, buy a repalcement broom and shovel, a garage door that has a gap at the bottom, cracks betwen the window board and frame to the conservatory and the plaster, a sloping floor in the conservatory and many, many proken promises to address all the problems over a year since the order was placed.

I would not recommend this comapny to anyone a would suggest they are avaoided at all costs.

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I am really shocked to hear this experience and I would like to get this passed onto the relevant managers to investigate why they have provided such a poor service. Could you email me your address and postcode please - blog@angliangroup.com

Many thanks

Louie (Customer Care Dept.)

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