No pay out from insurance company because boy has dislocated shoulder op 16 months before travelling! (Allianz Travel Insurance)

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To Allianz Travel Insurance

I am so disappointed with your service, I cannot claim insurance because my son has had to have a shoulder op! I booked flights to Geneva on 28th February 2014 for a holiday we were going to have for New Year January 2015 that is 11 months ahead of time. My son had a private operation in August 2013 on his shoulder which had been dislocated a number of times. We chose to have to op at this time so it would not interfere with his school work, it was not an emergency operation. He also broke his leg in November 2014 and had an operation. We knew that when we were going on holiday and time of booking everybody was totally healthy.

The problems happened when my son dislocates his shoulder again this September and needs another operation asap. We have had to cancel the holiday because my son will not be able to ski until at least Easter 2015. We have been refused a payout because it is less than 6 months since he saw a surgeon and the time of booking of the ticket, the insurance company will not pay out! if I booked the same ticket later in the year I would have been fine! I bought insurance for the duration of the holiday which is at the end of the year, I do not believe it runs from when the insurance was booked!!! I think it is ridiculous to penalize us in this way, we have given you plenty of notice and we booked well in advance! I am appalled with your company and I will do my upmost to make sure everybody knows about how badly we have been treated!! I feel I need to warn people that they will not get the help they need when they need it from your company!

Time line and count down to New Year skiing holiday

August 2013 shoulder operation (16 months)
November 2013 Broken leg operation (13 months)
Feb 2014 Booked holiday for New year week 2015 (11 months)
September 2014 dislocated shoulder needs operation and holiday canceled (5 months)
September 2014 Insurance company refuse to pay for canceled flight (5 months)
New Year 2015 Holiday was booked for but had to be canceled

​Because he had seen a surgeon within 6 months of booking the holiday the insurance company will not pay. Because they say it is a recurring problem with his dislocated shoulder and it was the same shoulder. It works out the it is 16 months from when he had the first operation to when we were to travel.

I posted the above letter on their Facebook page and mine and I got this reply

Allianz Travel Insurance  

Dear Ms. Gaisford, I'm sorry about your experience. If you would like to discuss your case, please email your information to - Sarah, HelpTeam

I sent them the following reply

Hi I did have a long conversation with your insurance assessor and I asked if I could complain, she told me that is would be no good the answer would still be no. I really think it is a shame that we cannot be covered because he had an operation in August 2013 and do not go on holiday until New year 2015. I bought the insurance in good faith and presumed that it would come into use while we were on holiday not when we bought it 11 months before the holiday. He is a fit 15 year old boy. he has only had accident injuries which have lead to him having to have an operation, he has to recover for about a month and then he is fit and well but has to be careful for a few months doing sport in case he falls over and is injured again. He does not have an illness which is on going he has just had a physical injury, I don't understand why this effects the insurance. 

I am not the complaining type and I have sent a rant on Facebook before, I just feel so cross that they can get away with and treat their customers in this way. They are used by quite a few people and we got them through KLM where we booked the flights. They were also used by the chalet company we rented the chalet from and they were based in Switzerland so they are all over the place.

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