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I had to call on the Able Group because it was a Sunday and my bedroom window would not shut, a mechanism had snapped and the window tilted in a strange angle thus allowing me no ability to shut it. I contacted them and was quoted a price of £98+vat = £117.60 total. I agreed for them to send out a locksmith to get this problem sorted so that i could shut the window and lock it.

The locksmith turned up and within 2 minutes had managed to get the window shut but the mechanism was still broken. He asked me if i wanted to order a new part but i said i was happy with it being shut as we will be replacing the windows early next year. He proceeded to remind me the total cost of this call out £117.60 and said himself he cannot believe he is having to charge this for less than 2 minutes of work. 

I contacted Able Group to see if they could do anything about this as i felt i was well overcharged for this service.  They reminded me it was agreed in the phone contract when i rang earlier, i am now writing to senior managers to see if i can get some of the money back, the window is shut but not fixed, if parts were included and it was fixed properly i can understand the charge a bit more but this is not the case. The staff and the locksmith himself i can not fault, all very helpful but the price, way way too much Able Group. 

I will keep you posted if they do gesture me some money back.

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My mother has had a very similar experience with this company in Brighton.  She was also charged £98+VAT for a job that took under 5 minutes.  She is 82 years old, recently widowed and was in some distress. Her neighbours booked the appointment for her and I have no doubt they were quoted the price on the phone, as this seems to be the only response anyone can come back to me with. Obviously the compan line. My neighbours were not asked if she was an OAP which would have meant a 10% discount.

The gentleman who attended was also embarrassed by the charge and apologised to the neighbours that his hands were tied.

They have now agreed to refund a mere £15 after several emails. A company without a conscience.

It seems to be that locksmiths can charge what they want, particularly when someone was as distressed as my mother.  What choice does anyone have to pay up when they cannot access their home?



If the locksmith had been at your property for 10hrs would you have said he was underpaid? And paid him more? A price is given to fix the problem not how long it takes...

Fraud company and fraud people. Booked the engineer to fit the dishwasher connection. Over the phone they said £60 an hour and after the job done they charged me £60 for half and hour. rude customer service and was threatening me to take me to the court if I do not pay the money for the work done. Job number - 1822098. Please dont get into the trap and avoid taking there services.

Dear Mr Aggrawal, when you booked the job you were quoted £60.00 per half an hour plus any materials. A transcript of this call is available to confirm this.

I needed a window handle replacing. They sent out a really horrible, rude, tardy guy that had no idea what he was doing. I told him to leave and he would not leave my house. I was horrified. He then left me his personal business card, which I didn't want. Another guy came out and replaced the handle. They did not agree a price with me as they were arranging a discount for me due to the first guy that came out, they had also got the price wrong and were trying to charge me £150.00 for 1 window handle being replaced, which was different to what they had quote me on the phone. Despite a price not being agreed with me, they unlawfully took £150.00 from my account and I am still trying to get my money back 3 months later. They agreed to credit me, but every time I ring up, I get passed from pillar to post and nobody there has any idea what they are doing and accounts never call me back to give me my credit as they keep promising. 3 months later and 100 phone calls, I'm still chasing my credit and am about to go legal on them. These people are truly, truly horrific. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!

It astounds me that when people are clearly told what the cost is over the phone that when it comes to posting they whinge about how long the tradesman was on site. Although it should be made clearer at the point of booking that all costs are per START of the half hour not the completion of the half hour. I carry out work for able and have found myself apologising for being good at my job and repairing a fault too quickly which is really odd as i thought that was what customers would want.

Called Able Group for pest control service on a Monday morning. Booked job and was told they would be there same afternoon. They called that afternoon to say they couldn't do it after all. Re-booked for Wednesday morning between 8 and 12 but late morning they said it would now be between 1 and 2 pm. Called Able to complain and was left hanging for 5 minutes (how long does "just a moment" constitute dear lady telephone answerer? Eventually received a call from the pest control contractor who said "they keep giving me work and I'm very busy". I'll call you when I'm on my way. I cancelled the job with Able. Should call themselves Unable.

Same thing happened today. But they have told us to find someone else. I am concerned, as they have our debit card details. Did they take any money from your account?

I have a rental property and my tenant contacted me and said she had seen mouse droppings. I contacted Able Group in connection with pest control and had to pay upfront for 2 visits £150 plus VAT). The contractor arrived as planned but in the meantime I gave my tenant some wire wool to block up any holes. Able’s contractor told her to leave at least one hole open so any mice would have an exit route!! I found this advice unbelievable and asked Able Group well in advance to cancel the other visit but they said I was not able to. Anyway, as my tenant works I had to wait at the property for the 4 hour slot that was allocated but after 3 hours and 40 minutes the contractor had still not arrived and thereafter followed an argument with Able Group. After lots of email tennis with their complaints dept. they would not refund any money saying when their contractor arrived he tried to ring my tenant but her phone would not connect – so why didn’t they ring my phone instead they had the number? Don’t waste your money with this firm go onto u-tube and learn how to get rid of mice yourself. I have done and now don’t have a problem.

I had problem with my front door lock. Called Able group and was informed that the cost would be £ 121 for the replacement lock plus VAT which I had not registered and agreed to have the lock replaced. The guy turned up after an hour and spent less than 5 minute to change the barrel of the lock mechanism. He then filled in the form and had asked me for £ 121.00 plus VAT. This to me was over priced but was prepared to pay £ 121.00 for an item which cost less than £ 20.00 plus labour.
The person who came was extremely unprofessional, rude to say the least. Please beware of cowboys able group employs who are definitely not trained to be pleasant to their customers. When I asked him that I did not want the lock he threatened to call the police. So I informed him that I have my consumer right not have the lock installed but he wouldn't remove it. Then he turned aggressive.
Please do not call Able group even in emergency there are far better operators who will charge the right price. This is definitely a day light roberrry.

I agree, they employ absolute cowboys. I had a similar situation where an aggressive, scruffy guy turned up to fix one of my window locks. He was here for 5 minutes and just sprayed WD40 on it. He didn't even open the lock up to get inside, spraying WD40 from afar seemed to allow the lock to open. He wanted £121.00 from me as well. I refused to pay it. He turned very aggressive and would not leave my property. I called Able to explain the situation and get him out of my house. A week later, Able took the money from my account without permission and I had to call a legal team to help me. Able promised to pay it me back and every time I rang them, they said that it would be in my account asap. It took them 4 months for the money to go back into my account. I am now seeking compensation for the whole terrifying, unprofessional experience from Able via solicitors, They seriously should not be allowed to trade!

The same happened to me too. My boiler broke down after over 10 years and I had no choice but to call Able because of their emergency call out service.
They sent who I thought was a decent and friendly Indian guy with his 'colleague'.
The initial call out and inspection came to a whopping total of £121 including VAT.
Furthermore, he gave me his business card; meaning he was exploiting the company for his own business gain as they hired him as a subcontractor.
He came to the property again the next day to try and fix the boiler privately through his business to make it cheaper for me but when he got there, he claimed that he had found 'extra' faults - expansion vessel, electrode and the gas valve all needed replacing. Yes this meant he wanted to increase the price of the original quote of £270 to include servicing the boiler!
But then things started to get extremely suspicious since then because as he was installing the electrode, he realised he got the wrong expansion vessel size and admitted that he didn't check it before collecting it from the 'warehouse' - I mean you would've thought as a professional, he would know this!
This obviously delayed things which understandably got me annoyed and extremely frustrated and wasted my time.
Anyway he left and said would come back 2 days later because he was busy with another customer.
But I was impatient being extremely cold with no heating and no hot water and with the wintery weather not being a great help either - I thought I needed to get someone else to resolve the problem...
However that's when he began to text me continuously demanding payment which I obviously refused because he didn't fix the problem; meaning that I was back at square one - and now I'm scared he may go to my property and vandalise it.
The eventual happy ending - I called British Gas and luckily got a last minute appointment, where their engineer advised me that there was only one fault which was the gas valve. Basically Able's engineer wanted to charge me for the 'multiple' parts that didn't actually need replacing - therefore trying to waste my money.
Also what was really surprising in a way, the British Gas engineer had found that the boiler was in such a state that he had to mark the appliance as unsafe and even questioned me about the engineer's professionalism!

Yes as expected, the British Gas engineer fixed it!

Now in the middle of complaining to Able about this whole disaster - compiling all the evidence against this cowboy 'engineer', forwarding all of the texts he has sent to me along with all of the British Gas reports sand findings.
Hopefully a refund will be on it's way to my bank account where it rightfully belongs...

Contacted Able Group to have door opened and new lock fitted as I had lost my key. Call handler was helpful and polite and price and time was arranged for the same day so I was pleased. 30 minutes later, having changed my plans for the day I then received a text message asking me to call them. I was then informed they did not cover my area so would not be attending. Very poor service, would not recommend or contact again. As a national company I would expect them to know where they actually cover before arranging attendance.

Same thing happened today. But they have told us to find someone else. I am concerned, as they have our debit card details. Did they take any money from your account?

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